Dwelling in the lush gardens to sitting on dry dead earth

I once walked the road of love hand in hand with my beloved, it felt as if we dwelled in the lush gardens complementing our love for each other, we gazed and the water falls but concluded the faces of each other was more beautiful, we lived in each others minds all the time, slight separation caused total restlessness.

Time passed in the lush gardens of love, and all was well the trees bloomed beautifully, the plants strutted their contours, the grass waved its blades from side to side in all glory, a blurry picture of a worldly paradise was what it felt like deep in my bossom, just the association with one person can cause such a positive stir.
Every year has four seasons, but when the seasons change, our being doesn’t, we just merely equip ourselves with the correct gear. Sadly whilst dwelling in the lush gardens of love, we paid more attention to the birds and the trees and all the surrounds but forgot about the main garden and fountain beside us. Sadly due to dwelling in this garden so long we became oblivious of the beauty of it and resorted to fiddle with things out of this garden (cellphones, computers, too much socializing with friends) etc, then we became complacent with the way the garden was, if the leaves were falling we never cared to gather them, we neglected this garden to such and extent that even the evergreen trees began to dry up.
We became so oblivious that the things In the garden that was cultivated over the first few months of companionship was lost in an instance….
then I found myself sitting on the same land where I used to dwell in the lush gardens of love but now have turn into dry dry god forsaken earth the tree begin to creek and with time fall over the fountain will soon dry up, and when you want to start landscaping it is altogether too late!!!!!!!!

Marriage is such it has to be constantly cultivated, if due to season change the leaves are falling then gather them wet them and use mix them in your soil of life to bare more lush leaves, hold the hand of your beloved if time of need, as they say thick or thin. If resentment has crept it due to the neglect of this garden of love continue holding the hand of your beloved because Allah has approved your bond and will make it right if you believe it.

May Allah strengthen every marriage and make it like the bond nabi AS had with our beloved mother AISHA RA AND KHADIJA RA and all the other AZWAJE MUTAHARAAT






I love you…..

i sat on the stoep and cried as if I was an ophan left all alone, after a little while, Aunty Tahera’s car pulled up, and there she was getting out of the passenger side, eyes locked of me and a huge smile. 

“What’s the matter bachoo??” She asked

“I came back from madrasah and you were not here!” I said

“But your sisters are there, I was just gone to taaleem” she said, holding me close to her

22 years later when I think about that hug I still feel the warmth of it.


life is temporary- tell your mom, you LOVE her today   

It was a dream come true……

She was the one …………. 

She was the embodiment of purity ……

She far surpassed me in piety………. 

She had a Bond with her lord that I envied……… 

She recited Quran, as if she was reading a letter of her beloved ……… 

She stood up for the upliftment of Deen and was firm…….. 

She never allowed any law of Allah to be broken ……….. 

She was a mother like no other to her beautiful kids……. 

She was a walking example of the women in the time of the prophet……. 

She was my better half …………

She was thee better half ……..


She was my entire being, 

May Allah preserve her, may Allah bless her , may Allah protect her …….


Unity …..

Allah mentions : أنم المامنون اخوه  

For those of you that have studied basic Arabic, will know ان (ena) is used to lay stress, ” verily the believers are brothers unto each other” 

‘Verily’ is used by Allah, to show that Allah leaves no shadow of doubt, not maybe or perhaps! No Allah says verily ….  So brotherhood is synonymous with iman. Both go together.

You can’t say ” ya Allah grant me a child, grant me a child”, but you never got married, marriage, women and man go together to get a child.

Similarly, iman and brotherhood go together, now a days, you see your Muslim brother you look the other way, you enter the mosque, you don’t offer salaam, imagine, you stand next to each other in salaah yet outside you don’t talk to each other. 

So, if Allah says that you are brothers to each other because the common factor is Imaan, but you refute that via your akhlaaq and actions, so doesn’t that mean you have some lack of iman?? 

The Hadith of Nabi AS, something to the effect, if you don’t talk to your Muslim brother for three days, without a valid reason, your iman is questionable!! او كما قال 

So, here we see how the ayat ties up with the Hadith. 

Today, we have taken it one step ahead, our thinking is such that, who ever smiles at me, I will smile at them, whoever greets me I will greet them!!! 

What has happen to the ummah!!!! And then we question, why why why is this and that happening? It’s because we are divided. 

Abdullah bin ubay!!! Do you know who he was???? 

One of the greatest kaafirs (disbelievers) he brought iman falsely, a person that brings iman outwardly but within he’s heart of hearts knows he has not left he’s previous religion, is known as a munafiq, (hypocrite) 

Coming back to what we were saying… Abdullah bin ubay brought iman outwardly, what did the Nabi of Allah do???? Pay attention !!!!!!! Oh ummati of Mohammed 

Nabi AS embraced him, on the death of abdullah bin ubay, he’s some came forward. 

“Ya rasoolullah, my father has died please perform the janazah” he’s son was a true Muslim 

Nabi AS started getting ready to perform the salaah. 

Umar RA came forward ” ya nabiallah, what are you doing?” 

“I’m going to to perform this mans janazah” 

” don’t you know who he is ?” U mad said 

“Of course I do oh Umar” said our Nabi

” let me perform his janazah maybe Allah will forgive him” said our Nabi 

This mimbar that ulama sit on and deliver speeches that divide the ummah was not made for hate it was made for love. 

Burial time came, the body of abdullah bin ubay was put in the ground, Nabi saw ordered it be taken out, he asked them the sahaba to open the face, he took his saliva Mubarak, and placed it in the mouth of Abdullah bin ubay.

Later Allah informed Nabi AS, ” wether you read or you don’t read he will not be saved ” Nabi AS Said ” I read with hope that he be saved ”

Allah said ” oh my habib even if you read 70 times I will not save him” 

Nabi AS said ” if Allah said that if I had to read 70 times Allah would have forgave him, then I would have read he’s janaza 70 times”

This is what our Nabi done for a kaafir !!!!

But today, we are labeling Muslims as kuffaar!!!! 

Some have taken it so far , that they go to Makkah and medina and do not read behind the imams !!! Saying they are kaafir!!!! Naoozhubillah

Has my Allah become so weak, that he will place kuffaar on the musallahs of the greatest mosques of islam!!!!????? Where Islam came from!!!! 

Do some introspection. 

Sit down and think abit!!!! 

Life is short, be helpful to your fellow Muslim brother, judging is for Allah and Allah alone. Insan have no share in that  


No Rain……

“Moosa amongst your midst there is a person who has transgressed all the boundaries and sinned for 40 years, therefore I have held back the rains” 

Moosa AS gathers the people, makes the announcement ” Allah has said that’s amongst us there is a person who has sinned so much that Allah has made decision to hold back the rains because of this person, so please excuse yourself from us” 

Dead silence …………….. 

Everybody looking around…….. 

In our times we will look over our shoulder, perhaps nudge the brother next to us and say ” brother I think it’s you because you deal in this and that” 

The clouds began to gather and starts raining, ALLAHU AKBAR !!!!!

Moosa AS is shocked ” ya rabb no one has owned up and you are sending rain?? ” 

” at least tell me who is this person as what was his sin” 

” Moosa, I forbid you from gossip, how can I now disclose the faults of my slave who has repented” 
My ustaad mentioned ” there was not a frown on this persons forehead perhaps, he’s eyes did not water , he did not lift his hands, his lips did not move, but his heart was in total conversation with Allah, ” Ya Rabb if I cry or lift my hands or tear or move my lips these people with know it’s me, ya rabb pardon me ” Allah forgave him and the rain began to fall.

The salaatul istisqa today in out town of Carolina was captivation, emotional, everybody was there it was an amazing feeling of brotherhood, love and unity. 
May Allah bless our community, a increase our love Ameen 


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Thank you scary much part 4

Peep !!!!!!! Peep!!!! Peep!!!!

Shew!!!!! 8:30am already I’m going to be late.

I hurry in the shower, quickly slip on some clothes and head off to court catching a coffee on the go, I arrive, park my car and ran up the flight of stairs, coming round the corner, and the worst thing happens!!!!!

BAMNN!!!! I bump into someone spilling all my coffee over him. 

“I’m sorry im sorry” he says 

I was furious and more furious when I noticed it the Bin laden dude.

“You freaken moron!!! What the hell is your problem???? Get the hell outa my way” I screamed 

” I’m sorry madam” he politely apologized 

“Is your car ok now?” He asked 

“EFF you” I blurted 

Before entering court I looked into my coffee cup hoping there was still half that I could sip up, realizing the whole thing had spilled, I quickly checked my blouse and realized it was not ruined at all. Then it hit me !!!!

That all the coffee has messed on him,

I didn’t give it much thought and headed into court.

Leaving court several hours later coming down the stairs, I saw a lot of, what seemed like official papers placed on the courts lawn with mini stones on them so that they don’t fly away, I went closer they all seemed to be soiled and left there to dry, I picked up one and it read: 


As I was about to read more, it was snatched from my hands.

“Sorry madam! These are private, I left them here to dry as they are important documents, I messed coffee on them” he said, I turned around it was bin laden.

I burst into tears and ran off to my car and sped off. 

 Till tomorrow…….salaams and tweet dreams hehehe 😄
Ali Ismail jogie 

Thank you scary much!!! Part 3

” hi is everything ok! Are you fine,?” He said, not knowing its me as yet.

“I’m ok just stranded”!! I added

“Oh hi madam how are you? Can I perhaps be of any assistance?” He said 

“Yeah I have a flat tyre and my battery is out so perhaps I could call the breakdown by using your phone,” I said 

“No need madam I gather you know not how to change a wheel? I shall change it for you” he said whilst smiling 

“God puts us in these situations so that we may remember him, you know” he said whilst loosening the wheel nuts 

“I don’t believe God exists” I said with a shiver in my spine

“So you never prayed to him whilst you found yourself in this dilemma ?” He said with his sarcastic smile 

“I must own up! I did pray and one point ” i told him. I felt my body get a huge hot flush at this point.

“And so you don’t believe that he has put it in my heart to stop when I saw your car on the side of the motorway, and understand that I did not know it was you?” 

“God has just answered your prayer despite you not believing in him” wow you must be some special kind of ignorant he said.

I was hurt when he called me ignorant, but needed his help so said nothing.

The tyre was repaired, “madam there you go, have a good evening, I’ve got to rush off my wife is probably worried  that why am I so late, still got cooking, washing ironing to do, she is very pre occupied these last few years so I try to help out” saying this he walked away

“Thank you thank you so much, Wait!!! Howmuch do I owe you”? 

He laughed and said ” offer your thanx to God” and so saying he sped off in his small car.

I took a slow drive home, pondering on what he was saying. 

He’s a total idiot, it’s coincidence that he stopped not my prayer,

Big Bang theory – evolution that pretty stranded infomation that makes total sense, Darwin was not an idiot, this guy is.

I mean he’s prophet had nine wives, one was underage too. Absurd!!!

I couldn’t believe such nonsense who’s prophet was a womanizer.

All this going on in my head as I substantiated my claim that no God existed. 

Phew!!!! What a day !!!!! 

Ali Ismail jogie  


Al Haj Farouk Limbada

A smile that captured millions of hearts, a man of few word but character that spoke volunes. 

What a man….. 

Ever smiling ….

Down to earth….

We’re just a few words I heard whilst standing at his grave side.

I cannot be more please to have spent a day in his company two weeks ago.

I watched him get ready for jumuah and noticed him take every small sunnah into consideration that we so carelessly leave out. My daughter told me ” abiya that nana is smelling so nice”

I remember prior to me becoming a hafiz he lovingly used to address me as “Ali ber” but on completing my hifz he always made a point of calling me hafiz Ali.

On one occasion it was a family gathering and Zohar azaan had gone and we all made our way to the masjid, I remember my da was driving us to the mosque, nana was sitting in front and he noticed me coming towards the car, he at once got out of the front seat and insisted i sit there I began insisting he should, he said ” you have the Quran in your heart I will never sit infront of you”


at the graveside, things happen so swift, I saw the people starting to fill the sand I quickly rushed to get a chance when my turn had finally come the grave was already full, during the burial I calm wind blew subhallah, 

Nanas grave is directly under a tree subhanallah .

All I can say is WHAT A MAN !!!!


May Allah the family sabrun Jameel and bless them during this trying time Ameen thumma ameen