Did you sleep well?

ImageDid you sleep well? mmmmm, alot of times we get asked this question.

Tossing and turning, restless yet so eager to drift off into that mode which we all love called, sleep…

Played ‘angry birds’, abit of ‘temple run’, tickled my 18 month old daughters nose and watched her cute little hands rub that tiny red nose, gave her a peck on her cheek, had another go at ‘angry birds’ and find myself still as wide eyed as ever. Read all my kalimas and duas mom used to read to me, counted some sheep and then finally fell asleep.

Just as I’m aboutt to get into my dream car ‘THEE SKYLINE GTR’ i hear a sound of a ‘cricket’ (iphone alarm tone), ALREADY ???!!!!! FAJR !!!! , with a rather heavy sigh!!!!! i turn off the alarm and hope the dream would commence, but like we all know that’s highly impossible, i turn over hoping to catch a few power minutes, really!! power minutes make you feel like you’ve had an awesome long 8 hour sleep. As i turn over i hear ‘Sheikh Uthman (muadhin) at the top of his lungs in his unique tune calling the Azaan, it’s usually loud but for some reason at fajr time it sounds alot more amplified…………..by this stage im very much awake, so is my daughter who decides she wants to eat ” mum mum” pointing at the water glass on the pedestal. when realising its empty her wide open eyes fall on the phone which contains numerous amount of her pics, and she knows it and then its ” taa baba” ( which simply means give me the phone i want to see baby pics)


sooooo did you sleep well?




One thought on “Did you sleep well?

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    -Veiled Princess

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