From Delhi to Tamil Nadu pt3

Where do these people get their information from? I try to quickly end the conversation and move on….
It’s hard to believe that my roots are from here, I can’t thank my Grand dada enough for choosing to move away for a better future for us all.

I return back to the cabin, Shafiq and Anwar are reading the famous Fadail e a’mal a wonderful book written by the great Sheikh Zakaria Khandelvi RA, Hussein is reading his wifes letter for the 100th time and Pious Yusuf is reading the Quran, this dude is never idle always engaged in some deeni activity masha Allah ‘haro poiro’,
I sit down on the hard seat placing my towel over it first, and ask Anwar,
” lunch mein kya hai?”
“what’s for lunch?”
He replies : ” ek special chees sirf aap ke liye”
” one special something only for you”
I was kind of excited to see what it is, and he indicated that he will get it at the following station.
So I lay back and try and catch a few winks, after going into a rather deep sleep, I’m once again woken up by not the nastawala or the chai wala but two young lads, one was blind and the other was crippled, the blind one had a beautiful voice and sang the words of the famous 60’s singer Mohammed Rafi, the song titled kabhi kabhi and the crippled guy had two stones in his hand and made the tune of the song by hitting the stones together very talentedly, I just stared in amazement, Anwar quickly shushed! Them away.
I then asked Anwar,
” what if this youngster had read the Quran in place of the song, what effect would it have had?”
Anwar said : ” woh Qari Abdul Basit se kum nahi hota”
” The recitation would not be any less than the famous Qari Abdul Basit RA”

Subhanallah !!!!!
” yeh lo” Anwar says handing me a foil wrapped parcel.
“yeh kya hai” “what is this”? I ask
“aap ka khana”” your food” he says.
I open it and to my amazement it’s a burger !!!! It’s been 4months since I’v seen a burger, I jump up an hug Anwar.


I take a huge bite into the burger, and that just changes everything, it felt as If I bit into a bun filled with leaves.
“Anwar yeh ghai or bakri ki gosht hai?”
I ask in an upsetting voice,
Anwar calmly replies
” Saheb yaha ghai gosht nahi milega, ghai hinduwo ki devda hai”
” sir , here we don’t get cow meat, a cow is regarded a god for Hindus”
” yeh daal ki burger hai”
I was beyond myself and shoved the ‘burger’ in a packet and threw it out of the window.

There was a wave of utter silence, everyone with eyes on the hard nut that’s me of course. I said
” leave me alone and call me for salaah I’ll be at the train door”



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