From Delhi To Tamil Nadu pt4

” dost mujhe maaf kardo”
“my friend please pardon me ”
Anwar says by holding my shoulder, I turn around and say:
” koi baat nahi” “no problem”

Still upset, I walk over to the cabin and sit down.
Yusuf looks at me and says
” dude when these four months are over you not going to want to go home, look beyond the filth and the lentil burgers and all the downside that goes with it, and you will be fine”

Easy for you to say its like you 4th 4months, I thought to myself.
Anwar signals it’s time for zohar salaah we musafir that’s cool but I need to take wudhu I stand up and go toward the “bathroom”, and like expected there’s a long que, and like it could get any worst guess who’s before me? PUNDIT JI!!!!!!
yes I’m going to be using the bathroom after punditji

That’s and exceptionally clean pic of the toilet nothing to what mine looked like..

In the other corner there is a very small basin no wait not a basin but a bowl with a tap that TRINKLES water. How on earth am I suppose to make wudhu in here, I somehow manage to make wudhu using a bottle.
Anwar suggests we go to the room where the aircon motor is kept and make jamaat salaah there, bare in mind our cabin was non a.c.

Shafiq leads the way, to get to the aircon room we needed to pass through the a.c cabins, taking in as much of the cool air as I can we reach this huge cabin with a massive motor in the center, however there is enough place on each side to make saffs of two. Anwar isaiah I lead the Salaah because I’m Hafiz, I agree.

After making takbeer I realize the train is moving around a lot and quite difficult to keep a balance the 1st rakaat went off ok, during ruku of the second rakaat, the train gave a huge jerk and I lost my balance and about to fall and to save myself from falling I put my hand on the exhaust of the aircon motor and u guessed right, I burnt my hand !!!! It wasn’t that bad we all broke out in a huge laughter and decided we rather wait for the next station and offer our salaah there.


After offering salaah I manage to buy a packet of ‘lays’ chips and the famous ‘thums up’ cold drink at that station if I remember correctly it was ‘Ratlam station’
I turn around and it’s Mr Mehra offering me a snack which looks nothing like a samoosa.
” no thanx”
” it’s aal weg” ( it’s all veg)
He insists, of course it’s veg I thought
I’ll just take u to Spur back home and order you a 500g rump steak then well see how you forget about your ‘aal weg’.



That’s the exact flavour that I purchased, proud with myself I head back to cabin. Open my chips and this huge whiff of totally rotten eggs smell hits me I realize it’s coming from my chips, I gently close the packet and put it aside, Hussein watches my every move, and signals me to hand him the packet, I do so, he starts munching away and tells me
” these are damn good”
” you enjoy brother”
Taking pity on me for having not really eaten, Yusuf pulls out a huge packet of chevro and hands it to me.
” i love you brother really I love you”
I tell him.

I eat and eat and it went down really well with the thums up

To be continued…


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