From Delhi to Tamil Nadu pt6

I begin to embrace the happenings around me and give up the sad face. I start thinking about the Red Fort that we visited in Delhi and hard to believe that all of that was in the hands of Muslim rulers!! What happened ? What went wrong? That they lost the power over India, the astonishing thing is that they ruled India at a time when Pakistan , Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka were all part of India that’s like a whole continent. When I did my research on the Rulers the common factor amongst them all was extravagance over indulgence, I give you an example: King Akbar was the resident of the famous Lal Qila Red Fort, his chess table was one a special area in the palace the markings were made on the ground and his chess pieces were women, he had a pond filled with rose water pure rose water that he used to bath in, so looking at all this perhaps what led to their down fall.


Shah Jahan was the same, built Taj Mahal to house the tomb of his wife Mumtaz, the cement was mixed with pure diamonds, which the British snatched when they invaded India, kohinoor gem is from one of the Indian kings wives, and has such value that a price tag cannot be attached to it.
Allah grants you a blessing and you don’t look after it he will take it away.

Nevertheless coming back, we back on the train and I was shocked to see two males dressed in sarees with long hair very scary and ugly looking, and they clapped their hands and screamed the words ” dena dena” ( give give) infront of you. Taken really aback by this I hurried to our cabin hoping they would not notice me. I asked Shafiq who are these “guys”, Shafiq pointed out that they where homosexuals and they asking for donations.
” but don’t worry if you look like a Muslim they won’t ask you” he said
I was really relieved by that.


Once the sun sets, cities and towns alike seem to come more to life, there were more singers on the train more beggars more gays more vendors.
My thoughts racing to what’s the supper menu is going to be ? And I’m really hungry but a fussy foodie, ask my mum and wife, they’ll tell you.

Anwars insists supper will be purchased at the next station but makes it quite clear that I must buy my own food as he doesn’t want a repeat episode of what transpired with the dhal burgerlol….
I assure him that I’ll behave this time,
Supper for me was buying another packet of lays but of course a flavor I was fimiliar with and putting it in bread with a Pepsi finding bread was a mission, but I learnt that its referred to as double roti rather than just bread.

We perform esha and prepare for our cabin for bed, lay out our sleeping bags, I insisted to have the top tier as I thought I’d be safer off, after getting cosy and scanning my area for bugs etc I put my torch on and begin reading my Speed and Sound magazine that I brought from home. Just then I’m interrupted by two Indian youngsters in the next cabin also sitting on the top tier, complaining about the pundit at the bottom talking non stop about their famous book geeta and all the other teachings of Hinduism, like we will never dare tell a Molana to end his Bayaan, similarly these youngsters complained over and over but had no courage to tell him.

Apperently they we’re all going for a wedding to Kerala and took their own punditji to make the “nikaah”. I by now also get abit worked up about the talks of his cult and so I get down go to the cabin and very politely say :
ME: bass bohot ho Gaya Ab sone ka waqt hai” ( enough now it’s time to sleep)
PANDITnaam kya hai Bhai Saab?(what’s your name brother?)
ME:: ” mera naam Ali hai” (my name is Ali)
PUNDIT” acha naam hai betha, maaf kigeya aap Ab Chen se sor sakhte hai”
(good name my son, forgive me now you can sleep nicely)

The youngsters were over joyed and said thanx bhayya!!!
Cabin by cabin the lights go out, I start thinking about home and all our luxuries and begin to feel sad.


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