Delhi to Tamil Nadu pt7

I cuddle up nicely Im my well padded Raiwind sleeping bag and make sure my money and all my personal belongings are together with me inside the sleeping back, because after all I’m traveling in INDIA!!!!

After having a good sleep in awoken by Anwar ” chalo chalo fajr ka waqt ho Gaya” ( come come its fajr time) with a cup of traditional addictive Indian chai, oh I forgot to mention, it’s actually customary for Indians to have a cup of chai first thing on waking up, he hands me the tea, I give a rather sarcastic look then he realizes ,
” acha brush dant 1st, acha ok ok no praablem” he says and leaves.

I hasten to the bathroom and once again a long line waiting to use it, Prakash is infront of me,
“good maarning”
“hi” I reply, as im really no a morning person.

I almost didn’t recognize him without his side parted hair,
“number van(1) or number2? ”
He asks,
Really not in the mood I sarcastically reply,
“number 5″
I feel the train slow down and guess we approaching a station, still dark outside with a slight brightness on the horizon.
I take a peek from the window and notive extraordinary images coming from the opposite track, finding it difficult to make out what it is before I can give it more thought,
Prakash bursts out,
” if it number two you can just join them as we are stopping at station now, I vill use the train toilet because I’m having just number van”

I was too shocked to answer, it my turn to use the loo I needed number jero(zero) if he must know I hustled needed to make wudhu. I hurry it up and rush to the platform were the rest of the guys were waiting for me. We performing our fajr just before I can make salaah, the trains horn goes off and it starts moving we rush folding the prayer mats up and hop on the slow slow moving train, this is the only time I’m grateful that it wasn’t Rajdhani express.



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