Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah, the most high



In the name of Allah the most beneficial the merciful.

Peace and salutations be upon our master and leader Mohammed ibn Abdillah SAW.

All of us know that whatever we see around us is the creation of Allah, he has created it with no doubt, he placed us on this beautiful earth for a reason, we are travelers in this earthly abode, our journey only ends when we reach Aakheerah, and Allah will decide whether it’s JANNAH OR JAHANNUM we are here to either reserve our place in Jannah or Jahannum.
If we look at this time on the Islamic calendar, we will realize Allah is telling us something, it’s a whole follow up, easiest way to understand it, we have the world up that takes place every four years but prior to that you have each continent having its respective tournaments to ultimately qualify for the Confederations cup, then after taking part in the confederation cup and winning you will qualify to play for the World Cup, so liken it exactly , we had the blessed month of Rajab no we re in this auspicious month of Sha’baan which is almost over then it will be the main beautiful month of RAMADHAN AL MUBARAK, let me break it down for you, Allah gives us a taste on 15 night of Shabaan,
“turn to me I’m here for you I shall forgive you”
Then that night passes then RAMADHAN will commence then the Hadith of NABI SAW takes effect that Allah has broken it down for and made it easy for us.
” ok you couldn’t turn to me on the 15th no problem, my friend I shall give you another chance” ” look ramadaan is drawing close maybe you can try then”

The first ten days according to the Hadith of NABI SAW are when the mercy of Allah is descending , that will be our first 2nd chance.

But for some reason if we where too busy we didn’t take the opportunity, nevermind, NABI AS said the next 10 days for maghfirah, seeking pardon.
It’s as if Allah is saying ” here my friend 2nd chance”
You knocked the doors of the banks
You knocked the doors of the loan sharks
You knocked the doors of you friends
You knocked every other door.
You tried everything else they all failed you!!


Ok now for some other reason we got caught up in the chakkars of this dunya and before we knew it the 2nd 10 days had slipped by and didn’t get a chance to turn back to our creator, the last ten days are crucial time because Allah will be handing out huge bonuses and unlimited blessing, the last 10 days are for seeking refuge from the hell fire, Allah made it that easy, strait to the point Allah is saying
” just seek your refuge from the hell fire this is the time, just ask and I shall grant it”
Subhanallah !!!!!!!!!

It doesn’t end there, if you missed that boat also Allah bestows us with another chance, your Ramadaan is over, and you didn’t knock on Allah’s door that don’t despair, the doors are not closed, you are not a write off !!!! There is still hope!!!

shaitaan promised Allah when Allah expelled him from jannah
” that I promise to continue to lead insaan astray untill qiyaamah!!!!
In reply Allah said I promise to forgive insaan for Aslong as they ask for forgiveness

What a merciful Allah …..

Nevertheless it does not end there if we missed the boat (Ramadan) or lost our direction completely, then don’t be sad, don’t loose hope, another chance is yet to arise.

One month after the month of Ramadaan come the most auspicious month that is also one of the pillars of islam and mp that is HAJ, lower yourself crush your ego, put all your agendas aside dawn your ehraam and start your labbaik, Allah has given you a chance to come to the hub of mercy, the hub of forgiveness, the hub of seeking refuge from the hell fire. And he promises that once you return home you are as clean of sin as a newborn baby!!!! Subhanallah what a merciful Rab!!!!!

My beloved brother, my beloved sister, my honourable friend let us make a turn back to our Allah!!!! When we we’re little and we could not talk, if we required something we just cried and Allah put it in the heart of our mothers the need that we required, so from the very beginning Allah has taught us that if you require anything just cry to me I shall bestow it to you. But it’s unfortunate that we grew up and have forgotten to cry to Allah

Two persons will be summond to Allahs court on youmul qiyaamahthey did no good deeds whatsoever, Allah will tell him
” go you know where your place is ”
This person will start running toward jahannum Allah will call him back and say,
” why are you running ”
He will say: ” I committed only sin there is no hope for me therefore I just ran to jahannum
Allah will say ” NO NO MY MERCY EMCOMPASSES EVERYTHING ! Go to jannah”

Allahu Akbar

The next person will be summond, his record also was one that was void of any good , so Allah told him :
” go ! You are well aware of your abode” so this person walks a few steps turns around and looks at Allah walks again and turns and looks at Allah, Allah calls him back again and asks him:
” why are walking and turning to look at me everytime”
He replies:
” oh my Rab Allah in the dunya I heard that you are most merciful therefore I turned to look at u so that you may feel sorry for me and your mercy might come into action and you will pardon me”

Allah says ” yes that is correct I have pardoned you go and search for a place in jannah

Allahu Akbar!!!!!!

May Allah grant us the toufeeq and ability to turn back to him and repent from all our vices.

Ameen ya rabbal aalameen



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