You’ve “pinged” them all now “ping” Allah pt2

They sit for taleem and for Joe it seems to be dragging, so he signals to Mohammed to make fast, Mohammed finishes the story of Hazrat Umars journey to Islam and they all leave the mosque.

” Shew !!! That seemed like and hour Hazrat” says joe

” listen with the eyes of your heart then an hour will seem like 10 minutes” says Hazrat

” guys I’ve got to bounce gota catch a lecture at campus” says Reo running along

Yusuf always knew deep down he wanted to be this really good guy maybe hafiz or something but peer pressure turned him upside down and of course following his dads dream of becoming a lawyer. He always enquired about deen from Hazrat, but was always the ring leader in trouble or naughtiness.


Yusuf pulls out his cell, it was always his escape from tense or lonely situations, and guess what!!! Its a bb from Safiyya.

” hey Joe sorry but plans cancelled for Saturday k! Got some family thing coming up”

” damn ” joe says to himself
“everytime I get my chance with some nice chick something goes wrong”

Joe replies ” Ay no sweat sure, but if you change your mind, you know I’m just a call away mwah

“u too tweet c ya , laterz….” is Safiyyas reply

Headed back to campus in his dads rusted Camry, playing the famous breathless by Shane Ward trying to be the coolest dude on the M1 motorway, he pulls up at campus, shows his admission card and walks in.

Yumna and Aaliyya are the gossip girls of the campus anything you want to know ask them.
Yumna: ” hey Aalz isn’t Joe cute ?”
Aaliyya: ” yeah but his such a looser”
” do you know Saffiyya asked him out for Saturday night but dropped him for EBI?” says Aaliyya adjusting her kashka scarf

Yumna: “No way don’t say that!!, he’s such a dhayo poiro and his Kholvad, yeah but he needs to show some glamour if he wants some action, and definitely not going to get it with that camry or those Levi’s jeans he’s wearing almost every day”

” salaam yumz Aalz
“salaam Joe Howsit ?” chorus the two gossips

” alrite just feeling crap inside” says joe
” aww shame what’s wrong? Come tell us ” say the girls

” nah jus that Safz launched me for Saturday, saying she got some family thing happening! But it’s cool I’ll take her next time” says a rather sad joe

” my advice is you do exactly what you where going to do on Saturday, only you do it alone” says a sly Aaliyya

” thanks gals but I need to catch a lecture” says Joe, running along

my buddy’s are sinking deeper the advices are not enough I need to take bigger steps to help them, all they know is girls, glamour and fashion, our journey doesn’t end here we have an after life, we are travellers here in this glamorous earthly abode, the Hadith of my NABI SAW is clear, if you dip you finger in the ocean the amount of water remaining on your finger, that is this worldly life and the rest of the ocean is the life of the hereafter. I need to tell them but they won’t listen YA RABB YA RABB all this going through the ever concerned mind of Mohammed whilst he folds his musalla after performing Asr on the ever green lawns of campus…..




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