You’ve “pinged” them all now “ping” Allah pt3

Mohammed was always one who worked on his character and tried to be a better person and help people become better Muslims, whenever vices were carried out infront of him, his heart would bleed, this desire that all should be saved from the fire of jahannum used to be burn within his heart…


Ebi and Reo chill on the lawns of campus nibbling on some left over chevro from Reo’s cousins uncles grandfathers step sons sisters wedding !!!! And they get chatting about what to do after this semester,
“ebi !! What you say we vy durbs? Just me and you and one two Mary’s

Meanwhile Mohammed is just finishing the book he was reading ” REMEDIES TO SPIRITUAL MALADIES” behind the shrubs but out of sight and hes over hearing this conversation.

Reo continues ” good idea no? We just do it all dagga, pills you name it bro? Then we know we klar do that and we won’t do it again, what you say?

Mohammed is beyond himself he exclaims to himself : YA RABB !!!!
What I’m I going to do they are not listening how do I stop them???

Ebi says : ” bra if you want to do all that why not do it properly, durbs is too close home we could get caught!! I say we hit it Amsterdam Holland! Everything is permissible there and no one knows us also !!!!”
Reo: ” now you talking ma man, Ay! But I thought you well neh ??? But what we gona tune our tani and topi???”

” leave that to me I’ll think of something , you the man with the bucks you organize all the stuff I’ll handle the topis and taanies ok!!!”

Mohamed is reduced to tears he immediately hurries to the campus JK and offers salaah and supplicates to Allah for guidance.

Ebi : ” imagine bru !! Red light district !!! Jannat in this world I tune you”
I rather confused Reo asks. ” what’s that?”

“bra red light district is I street with red lights and shops with huge windows and in the windows there are live hot nude models, you choose which one you want pay for her and go enjoyyyyy!!!!!!!”

“Ay stop messing with my brains man says Reo”
” it’s true bru come check here I show you on my iPad

Whilst the two are engrossed in planning their vice filled sinful disgraceful vacation, Mohamed is calling out to Rahman from the deepest most part of his heart.



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