You’ve “pinged” them all now “ping” Allah pt4

A very sad Mohammed was pouring his heart out to Allah to guide him in a way that he will be able to stop his friends in their path that leads to vice.

Let us close our eyes for a second!! Ponder on the fact that we will all DIE one day all our wealth and children and riches will be of no avail, visualize the situation, the angel of death infront of you about to take your soul, SHAITAAN on the other hand trying hard to rob you off your iman, your mouth dry with fear your family around you not sure what you going through but they reciting the kalima loud, once that phase is passed your ghusal takes place, then you are lowered in your resting place, they place you on your right the then put planks over you, once you nicely sealed in they throw sand on you.


Then when they leave, the angels that question you arrive….. And the list goes on….. It’s gets more scary or more pleasant depending on how you lived your life in the earthly abode.. If you spend your wealth in good or evil, you visited places beneficial to your iman or you visited places which will rob you off your faith.

The last few weeks building up to the great vacation was intense, planning planning and some more planning…..
But Ebi and Reo forgot the ayaah were in Allah says : و مكرو و مكرا لله والله خير الماكرين

they planned but Allah also planned and verily Allah is the best of planners

And how foolish can we be? When we are planning Allah knows our plan, when Allah is planning we don’t know Allah’s plan!!!

As the hasten for there lecture Ebi and Reo discuss there plan to convince their parents.

” bra I’m gona tune them we vyn 40 days jamaat” says Ebi
” neh bra they gona ask for the rest of the jamaat and who’s ameer etc you’ll get caught out!!! Ay! But you stupid” says Reo

” who you calling stupid!! You blerrry houtkop” says a angry Ebi
They argue pushing each other as they enter the lecture room.

” he’s sooo cute” says Yumna
” adorable I tell you, but you don’t stand a chance, you look like a b-grade Bollywood movie actress” says Aaliya
” EXCUSE ME !!!! ” says Yumna
” kiddiiiing!! Get over yourself” blurts Aals

As the discuss Reo’s handsome looks and his vague middle eastern charm.

” hey galz” says Reo
” hey handsome” chorus the girls
“yumz movie tonight ? Says an optimistic over confident Ebi”

” tell me how it was ” says Yumna
A huge roar of laughter breaks out in they hall.
Mohamed rushes in the lecture hall reciting a rather audible zikr.
” Hazrat wala, you entered with your left food” someone screams from the back of the hall. Another roar of laughter is heard.
Mohamed’s thinks to himself ” laugh at me it’s fine the that laughs last laughs the best”

A whatsapp spree begins between EBi and Reo ……..

They will follow soon ………



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