You’ve “pinged” them all now “ping” Allah pt5

As the whatsapp messages fly between the two, Mohammed can’t help but gape over Ebis shoulder to catch a glimpse of what’s happening.

Here’s what they discussed….




Mohameds heart in at the verge of an attack, he’s perspiring profusely….
” borrow me your pen Hazrat” says Ebi turning around

” you look like you saw a ghost!!” says Ebi to Hazrat
” the happenings around me has made me pale and scared” says a wide eyed mohammed.
” chill bra qiyamat is still far” : Ebi
” if we die now then that’s our qiyamat” says Mohammed
” I think I need to take you to watch ‘STEP UP REVOLUTION’ and take you for a dik chow to Calistos” says Ebi
” you vyn on like you get revelation” says Ebi

Mohammed is beyond himself and making many silent duas in his mind and his concern has reached a whole new level.

That afternoon Ebi and Reo meet at Ebis house.

” you boys want to eat something?” Asks Ebis mom Aunty Ayesha
” Aunty Ayesha we got some good news for you” says Reo
” Jee bachu what is it?” says a delighted Aunty Ayesha
” we planning on going for Umrah !!!”

” masha Allah that is the best news ever heard today” says Ayesha
” Allah make it easy my boys and if you guys need anything please just say”
” mum we really need to change our lives and become more responsible that’s why we want to take this journey” says a teary Ebrahim…
” bachu Allah is with you people don’t worry everything will go well” says Aunty Ayesha

To be continued……..


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