You’ve “pinged” them all now “ping” Allah pt6

Aunty Ayesha just like every other mother made a dua for her son and his friend for their “noble” intention from the bottom of her heart.

The boys rush to Ebrahims room feeling proud to have fooled their mom and got away, a knock on the door and there is ebrahims mom handing ebrahim his passport- “jazakallah Mummy ” says Ebi

” pleasure my boy I spoke to your dad he will give you the money you require for your trip” says Mom

“Bro we sorted you better sort your side out ok” says Ebi to Reo


Whilst all their planning is happening, a concerned Mohammed hasn’t given up on his duas and efforts but has been doing his own bit of planning.

As the weeks mature and the time draws closer the two partners in crime have all the things ready for the great vacation.

Just one week remaining and Ebi and Reo have all their things ready even their beard have grown which was the biggest convincer of all.

Last day of uni before holiday:

” so guys why don’t you join me for 10 days jamaat” Mohammed says to Ebi and Reo as they chill on the lawn.
” Hazrat we vyn umrah didn’t you hear” says Ebi
“wow that’s very good masha Allah” says Hazrat in a not so convincing tone as he knew their plan.

It’s 10am at the O.R Tambo International Airport on a saturday morning and Reo and Ebi are there and ready for their great ‘trek’ over joyed and excited.

” boss this gona be the best vacation ever we gona Rock Amsterdam with pure Afican/Indian flavour” says Reo

” forget all that what we gona do about our beards now? We can’t shave on the plane we not allowed shavers there!!!!” says Ebi


“ok let’s vy chop it now then”
“ok come”

As they head off to the toilet section of the airport discussing the styles they going to shape their beards, they are rather surprised to bumped into Hazratwala clad in full white kurta, shemagh and white Carvela shoes.
“I’m guessing your guys flight is today I totally envy you guys” says Mohammed
” we’ll actually Hazrat we had enough of you in campus and don’t need more from you” says Reo

” you guys going Umrah but you not wearing Kurtas eish, come I got some here I can borrow you guys I’ll make more in Pakistan I’m leaving for 20 days jamaat today” says Mohammed handing them thobes with no room for negotiation.

” Hazrat stop your SH*T” says Reo
” we not vyn Umrah we vyn Amsterdam so get the hell out of our way and let us go and keep your stupid kurtas”

” what if your plane crashes on the way? What if you die whilst Engaged in the most disgacefull act of zina with a women from the Red light district ? What will you answer to Allah? What will happen to you in your grave? What will you tell munkir n nakir?”
Mohammed posses all these questions in a rather authoritive voice

At this point Ebrahim breaks down and weeps uncontrollably. Reo lowers his gaze out of shame and the tears begin to flow, they both embrace Mohammed tightly who is overjoyed that Allah has accepted his dua…..

” we lied to our parents telling them we going for umrah but rather our plan was to go to Holland Amsterdam and do all the things our we always wanted to do” says a regretful Reo


” ok now let’s make it right, you guys must leave for Umrah ok and go to the Ka’baa and cry your hearts out to Allah and oh yes!! Make dua for me” says Mohammed

” bro you our life saver how do we repay you for this, may Allah bless you always” says Ebrahim

” ok now let’s go change your guys tickets and send you off, here’s the thobes you’ll need them now-” says Mohammed

They quickly hurry to change their tickets and get their last minute goodies and are ready to board the flight for haramain shareefain.
” go make to rakaats of salaah so Allah makes your travels easy” says Mohammed whilst adjusting his shemagh(scarf)

They do as they are told and hurry along as they names are called to board their flight to Jeddah,
” here’s my number keep it in your wallet and call me when you guys reach ok” says Mohammed

” ok bro” say the two
Another emotional embrace is shared and the two rush off to their respective boarding points and wave to Mohammed before disappearing in the crowds.


Mohammed makes dua once again for his two beloved friends. And gets the news that his flight is delayed till tomorrow so he calls his family and is picked up and taken home.

That night he makes dua and retires to bed early. At 3am he is woken up my his phone vibrating frantically and notices ten miscalla from an international number,
” ya rabb who is this at this time” he says to himself
Then realizes it could be Ebi and Reo. Just as he can call back the number, the phone rings again, without hesitation he answers.

” assalamu Alaikum ya mohammed” says a voice on the otherside
” anta Mohammed ? Ya akhi anta mohammed? ” says the persistent Arab
” na’am na’am yes yes” replies mohammed
” do you know this Ebrahim and Riyaad from South Africa?” he asks
” yes yes they are my friends” says happy Mohammed
” ok my brother they were in the car going from Jeddah to medina and the car had accident and I’m sorry your friends have become Shaheed please pray for them they had no other contact details only a paper with this number” says the Arab guy.

Mohamed is filled with mixed emotions happy sad envious jealous, he immediately takes out his musallah makes wudhu and prays for them.

They passed away with labbaik allahumma labbaik on their tongues. What must have been their state of their iman he thinks, damn lucky guys he says whilst be breaks down at the separation of his beloved friends.


Maut can knock at any time.
Always try to live each day as it is your last.
Never lie to your parents.
Never use deen to deceive people.
This world is a paradise for a disbeliever and a prison for a believer.
We are govend by a set of rules set by out shariat, we cannot do as we please.
Azaab of qabar is haqq
Jannah is haqq
Jahannum is haqq
Phul sirat is haqq
Youmul qiyamah is haqq.

The last part of the story is true, it actually happen. Was mentioned by Moulana Katani in the 2006 ijtima.



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