A bachelors hajj 2009

Having turned 25 and planning the greater things in life like marriage, a stable job, and amongst many other things that a youngster might plan is the performance of the last pillar of Islam – HAJJ

While having not much of a saving and really not ready to undertake such a journey the like of hajj, but non the less I familiarize myself with the rules and regulations of planning to go for hajj set by the country.

I log on to the SAHUC website follow the prompts and register myself for hajj,having not a single clue what the cost factor is all about, I pay my 200 registration fee and go on with my day to day life.

Later that week I learn that my brother and sister in law are also planning to go for hajj, I express my delight and extend a few duas, and ask them that I also get chosen, after browsing through a few agents websites and finally realizing what the rates for hajj are! I was beyond myself and thinking I might never be able to perform this ritual of hajj. Prices ranged from 40000 to way above 65000.

I shelve the idea and think well sometime in my life I would try. Returning home from work on a late Saturday afternoon my eyes fall on a pamphlet on the table, it was bright green and yellow, it read K.A.S.A (KHIDMATUL AWAAM) I quickly browsed through the ad. And realized that these guys’ll are the cheapest agents I’v ever seen. They were offering hajj 6week package at a mere 29000, and once the desire is re ignited within me to undertake this historic trip.

” we booking with KASA” says my brother to me
” I see that they quite reasonable” I reply
I then tell him that I’v also registered with SAHUC but don’t know what’s going to happen as I have not much of a saving.
He assures me that If my call is there nothing will stop me from going.
I sat that night working out my savings etc and decided I’m going to sell my beloved Golf 1.4i…. It would be a very very reluctant sale.

Whilst all this is happening I get engaged to my beloved wife and a lot of wedding planning and building planning still to take place so I thought after all maybe I should just chill as what if I sell my car and obviously would need one when I get married logically, but Allahs plan is always unique, the weeks are flying and sis in law and bros preparations are well on the way, then I hear that my cousin his wife, my other cousin her husband, my aunt and her husband and nephew are all joining my bro and his wife.

The feeling when you feel you need to be somewhere engulfs your heart and soul then nothing can stop you.


The feeling that if someone tells me “you not going for hajj?” I know I would just burst in tears, I really need to do this. I put my car up for sale but no hits or prospects whatsoever, this just breaks me down further.
My nephew Mohammed someone who is extremely close to me phones me and expresses his excitement about going for hajj and tells me ” make a plan and join us man it’s going to be awesome” I tell him that it might not be possible as I have no money at this point.

The heartsore feeling begins to set in as they all seem ready and I haven’t even done any preparations yet.
The next day my dad is on the phone with a personality I will be indebted to for the rest of my life, and dad tells him that I wish to also go for hajj but just waiting for my car to get sold, this personality wishes for his identity to be withheld.

After a half n hour lapses he calls my dad back and tells dad that ” tell Ali that he musnt sell his car, tell him the whole amount is from me he must just make dua for me” I clearly remember dad couldn’t speak as he was in tears. I immediately called back and expressed my appreciation and was beyond myself with joy, i thank Allah over and over again. Yet again proves that he is the best of planners, if is you call you will go that’s it.

I call Mohammed is tell him I’ll be joining as well he says ” Ay bro we going to have a blast”

I still can’t believe what had just happen and this incident just caused my iman to increase a whole lot more.


To be continued…… Insha Allah


One thought on “A bachelors hajj 2009

  1. Awesome. اللَّهُ is great. Most certainly. اللَّهُ reward all those that helped out آمين М̤̣̈̇wǻн̣̣̇̇.

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