A bachelors hajj 2009 pt2

The time draws closer and preparations and last minute visits get intense. Mohammed and I go to Trade Route Mall famous CII STORES and purchase our ihraams etc, that night we practice putting them on and have a real good laugh as they fall off whilst trying them on luckily we had our trousers on, it was so exciting as the follow up preparations takes place the joy the excitement and all the laughs that go with it.

At this stage it’s confirmed that we are 10 people from my family going in a group, all are couples, besides myself and Mohammed. I was already fixed and feeling somewhat sad that would have been nice if my better half was with me. But after having such a great time as a bachelor in hajj, then Allah made it possible for me to to go the year after in 2010 again with my spouse which I will share with you, both experiences were unique in their own ways and both very enjoyable. I would say the one as a bachelor was fun filled, energetic full of laughs and tears and friend making. The other trip as a Married man was relaxing and a good time for bonding and at times quite romantic.

The night before we depart we all at my Aunts place, marking bags taping parcels and organising sim cards. We received a major hidayat Bayan from my cousin Nazeer and my Dad. Myself and Mohammed got a really long lecture about not taking phones and spending our time correctly etc maybe because we were the only unmarrieds,

The next day its seems as if the entire Jogie and Adam family is at the airport, I bumped into a friend and he said ” so many people have come to see you people off for Hajj” so I said no ” that’s all my family that are going for hajj.
Airport was a buzz with some people crying and the departure of their loved ones, others making sure they have all their necessary Goodies for the major trip, some learning about the various rituals to be carried out.

I’m just over excited and wishing the meet and greet and happen quick so that we can be on our way. Mohamed decided to leave his phone behind masha Allah such a dhayo poiro we discuss what we going to do and what we going to buy. And also test each other about hajj and various duas to see if we kitted up and well equipped for this great spiritual journey. Khitmatul Awaam personnel were there in all their glory trying to make us comfortable and assuring us we would have a great experience.


We greet all the extended families and all ask for so many duas that I could never remember them all. We rush in the main waiting lounges with our 12 fully laden trolleys almost seemed we were a hajj operator with our own group but our bright yellow and green bag packs gave it away that we were linked to the successfull hajj operator KHIDMATUL AWAAM.
I must mention that one trolley was only food the spices, mirchas, vagaars and whatever else you aunties use to cook. My bag consisted on 2 kurtas, Chevro some more Chevro, Catering packs of Romany creams and chocits and a whole lot more other delicious South African goodies.



To be continued….


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