A bachelors hajj 2009 pt3

In the waiting lounges, one can just feel the excitement, peoples faces filled with joy. The gates to the tunnel leading to the plane have just opened and people start rushing to join the que, I tell Mohamed that’s there is no need to rush as we are already in the waiting lounge, there is no way theyl leave us. But yes you see people rushing to join the que as if they giving free business class tickets.

Nontheless we are allocated our seats and I’m rather disappointed with mine as I’m sandwiched between two rather big….er…. Very beeeg people. A real ‘Aunty’ and ‘uncle’ if you know what I mean….lol i some how manage to turn around and notice Mohammed having a good laugh at me. I negotiate with the air hostess who was much willing to help as I think she pittied my situation. She asks me where would I like to sit so I point to my cousin Mohammed who has a young ‘apa’ next to him. The air hostess goes to talk to the apa who was very happy to be a patty in the sandwich. I quickly squeeze my way out and hurry to sit with Mohammed and punch him on the arm for his mocking giggles.

All the boring safety announcements begin. And not before long our plane is tearing the runway Emirates Boeing 747


As this huge machine saws through the air which is a rather scary feeling I close my eyes and read all the duas I know. When all the shaking and shuddering comes to a close and the aircraft is smoothly flying all the passengers start making themselves comfortable,
“son, why you ranaway from your seat, we have nice padkos bhajias, Samoosas, pies” says the Uncles I was previously sitting next to.
I think to myself how on earth did you manage to smuggle that on board, only an Indian. And for the record I shall never put cold savouries or food in my mouth, it doesn’t go down at all.

Moving swiftly on… Our transit was at Abu Dhabi airport, here we, males had to tie our ihraams we quickly make our way to the bathrooms and assist each other in putting on our ihraams we had about an hour till be board our next flight to Jeddah, we perform our two rakaats and are directed to the next waiting lounge which is a rather long walk, I still thought I could do abit of duty free shopping, but I was wrong as the walk to the other boarding lounge took an hour. Another thing about Abu Dhabi is that you will really think you in Mumbai International Airport as the following sounds can be resounded from all directions

” ai pakya hamara gate udhar hai”
” tu pagal hai kya? Chalo ham Der hogaya hai”
All this at the top of their voices lol



We finally on board for the last leg of the trip to Jeddah, all the thoughts of wearing just two pieces of cloth no head covering etc all this just for Allah’s pleasure and millions of people are willing to do this, Allah has truly kept beauty in Islam. Its a sign tht we truly surrender to Allah, that’s why when one returns from hajj all his sins are forgiven and he dare not doubt that, it’s a promise of Allah.

Till next time.,,, WASALAAM


2 thoughts on “A bachelors hajj 2009 pt3

  1. Njoying reading your blog.only got time today to read all.very very interesting.the desire u spoke about when u wanted to go for haj i understand completely,as ive the same desire.make special duaa for us اللَّه تَعَالَى accept us soon.إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ .

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