A bachelors hajj 2009 pt4

The sounds of labbaik can be heard in a low tone and the hujaaj on board await arrival into Makkah, we had one haji bhai who had a really unique way of saying the labbaik- many at first laught at him but thereafter saw with what love he proclaimed it that would really touch the heart, he was a brother from Petermaritzburg who brought his mom for haj, a really nice brother with outstanding akhlaaq.

We landed in Jeddah at the emormous haj terminal, I was overwhelmed by the crowds of people we were all really tired at this stage. We were met by SAHUC officials and stamped our passports then they were taken away from us and we never seen them again till after hajj.



We finally board our taxi from Jeddah to Makkah the whole check in passport stamping process takes about 3 hours, but alhamdulillah we finally on the road to Makkah, a lot of the hujaaj are fast asleep on the bus to Makkah but my anxiety and excitement knows no bounds so I can’t fall asleep I stay wide awake waiting to set eyes on even just one minaret of baitul Allah.


After a lengthy bus ride we finally seem to be entering a city like habitat which I assume is Makkah, just then the bus driver announces that we’ve reached Makkah, at this point the masjid is echoing really loud with the words of takbeer, we make multiple stops and finally reach our hotel called Le Meridien really beautiful 4 star apartments, we all scramble into the lobby and are greeted by KHIDMATUL AWAAM personnel who advise us to take a rest and go to make umrah after Asr salaah.


We all receive our room keys, Mohammed and I are paired as expected in one room. Our neighbour was a man we jokingly called the king for the way he tied his Arab scarf a really jokey character, we take a shower and hit the bed, the best sleep ever.

Going back just a little, Makkahs haram is situated in a valley therefore we never seen any minarets on entry only until we reached our hotel, as it was 100 meters from the glorious Haraam shareef.

After waking with the splendid adhaan of Makkah which brought tears to my eyes as I still couldn’t believe I was standing on a land more holier than any other land of the world. We quickly make wudhu and rush to the haram the ulama in our group mention that we should read our asr salaah at the back at a place were the Ka’ba is not visible as we will go after salaah and see the Ka’baa and make all the duas we want.

The emotions the tears the feeling the sounds of utter sobbing coming from other hujaaj on setting eyes on the Ka’baa will be shared tomorrow, don’t miss it…….

Till tomorrow WASALAAM


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