A bachelors hajj 2009 pt5

As salaah terminates we all stand up and are taken by our ulama who ask us to keep our gaze down and then once we were at a certain point they asked us to look up.

The point were we were walking to with our heads lowered was really intense for me as my heart was beating really fast the tear were already streaming and the duas were bombarding my mind and I’m sure it was happening to many of my fellow haji Bhais.

When we were asked to raise our heads and look at kabatullah there was a wave of silence it seemed the world around me went into slow motion I didn’t know wether to cry or make dua or run towards the Ka’baa or sit down. This moment of haze was interrupted by a fellow haji who had burst into tears, weeping uncontrollably. Life began to move normally around me again I regain my thoughts I stare in amazement at the Ka’baa the tears just continue to flow, I’m telling myself in my mind that make DUA Ali make dua, but the one and a half page dua i had prepared is not coming to mind I was blank I stared and stared, then thoughts of history started rushing to my mind about Ebrahim AS and his son Ismail AS, and about how Allah distroyed the army of elephants that plotted to distroy this very same Ka’baa and here I am decades and centuries later standing right infront of it I enter a whole realm altogether, after some time which felt like 5 minutes, we were asked to make groups to perform umrah. Only at this point I realise we stood a complete hour staring at the Ka’baa!!!!! SUBHANALLAH


We make groups, Mohammed and I are paired up as expected, and a brief lesson is given on how to perform umrah by Ml Mohamed Jogie my honourable brother, all the groups set out, I’m still somewhat recovering from the view of Ka’baa, nothing like any picture any video iv ever seen just magical subhanallah!!!!!

And the beauty part is after speaking to fellow hujaaj later the evening we come to learn that everyone’s experience is different, even those that have seen Ka’baa before, Allahu Akbar

After completing our Umrah and drinking gallons of zam-zam myself and Mohammed hurry to remove our hair, I must add that I’m a big fan of my hair and love it to bits 😀 we walk out towards the exit of haram and fine some brightly lite barber shops offering hair cuts, my hair was fairly long, long enough to make a style or even spike. A price is set and we asked to sit on the chair, as used to normal procedure of head massage followed by the machine then finally the razor, but not with these guys they needed more customers, they guy whips out a jack razor and begins to shave my head absolutely dry with no soap or shaving foam just as I can protest he says to me ” ho Gaya ho Gaya” ” it’s done its done”

In less than 3 minutes I’m completely bald, Mohamemd once again laughs at me as in sad at the parting of my hair and I, maybe if if was done in a more dignified way I wouldn’t feel it that much. We stroll through a few shops, bought some tea and go to our room. We enter the lobby and Uncle Nazeer Collins is standing in the lobby and asks us to shower up quick and take another group for umrah.

I get my clothing ready and go to shower, I step in the shower and it felt like I had no skin on my head I scream like AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Mohammed back in the room gets worked up and asks if I’m ok all I say is
” your turn is coming boss”
My head was burning a full 24 hours.

Mohammed goes to shower but I guess he was clever and shampoo his head first and prepared the skin. I put my topi on which felt like a saucer on my head it just kept going round and round luckily I had another that fitted well.


We come down to the lobby and there is another group ready to make umrah, we quickly explain to them the ritual and take them toward the haram, it was only at this time that I was able to make all my duas whilst looking at Ka’baa and I cried more watching these people who were in their fifties and seen Makkah for the 1st time in their life, I thanked Allah over and over again for blessing me with this bounty of coming when I was young and able. Mohammed and I have the great opportunity of taking a Uncle who was in his late fourties to perform umrah, his nickname which was actually his surname was “chansa” we called him uncle chansa, he had abit of heart trouble so many a time we had to take a break, after completing his umrah he said he needed water and was feeling dizzy so we seated him down outside the door of the haram to get him some zam-zam just then we heard a child scream ” HAJI BABA HAAA”!!! Uncle Chansa became abit forgetful about his ihraam and mistakenly exposed more than his knee, we shu!! The kid off and holding our laughter back.

Chansa showered countless duas on us which we were happy to receive and we became very good friends with him.

Still about a week left to haj, so Mohamed and I explore our surroundings, ZAM ZAM TOWERS, HILTON SHOPPING CENTER, AL SAFWAH MALL, GAZA SHOPPING AREA.

Very close to our hotel was a chai shop which we frequently bought tea from, the shop was run by youngster of Pakistani descent, so I would always give the order for tea in the Urdu language because Mohammed wasn’t that fimiliar with Urdu, so daily after esha and at tahajjud time we used to buy tea, common practice was as follows

The dialogue:
me : salaamu Alaikum bhai jaan, do dud wali chai
” assalamu Alaikum beloved brother please may I have two tea with milk.”

Sweet simple untill one day Mohammed decided he had memorized the Urdu way of asking for tea and tells me he’s going to ask.

The dialogue ( Mohammed)
assalamu Alaikum bhai do cup chai walas dude
” assalamu Alaikum brother may I have two cups of YOUR milk”

I broke out in a fit of laughter and the chai wala chased us away I later went to explain that Mohammed doesn’t know Urdu that well and apologized and all was good.

See you soon insha Allah…… WASALAAM


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