Love, many define it in their own ways…
Some say its long walks on the beach,


some says its candle lite dinner,


Some say its and hand in hand stroll in the lush botanical gardens, and others classify it as running round trees singing songs of love and tattooing your beloveds name on parts of your body.


That is the west definition of pyarlove muhabbah prem hub

What was the definition of love given practically by our master Mohammed SAW? How did he display affection to his spouses? Keeping their age and tempriment in mind?

He married our mother Aysha when she was 9 she still had childish tendencies, so she would hurry outside to watch the other kids play, and our nabi would join her, she wished to take running races, and put her desire forward our nabi obliged, not only that but he purposely made her win so she feels more happy, he would laugh and joke with her, he would assist her in her household chores, whilst been the king of the world, a mercy unto mandkind, the last and most beloved nabi of Allah. He would feed his spouse by putting a mosel of food in her mouth.

The show of love shown by westerners is not wrong however we can use them and merge the sunnah of nabi AS in it aswell.
Have a candle lite dinner but begin it with Allahs name not champagne
Walk on the beach not half naked but with your hijab
Walk in the lush gardens hand in hand but take note of Allahs qudrah together
Don’t make a display of your love openly in malls and public places but rather reserve it for your home and display it to the fullest.
Wear all the make up you want all the lingerie you want all the high heels you want, call him or her by all the seductive terms you ever know if you don’t know any, research some, your research a seductive term to call your hubby or wifey is also an ibadah because it will make them happy and making your spouse happy reaps reward.
Dress him up with all the fashion wear of Truworths and woolworths and jeans and all stars etc NOTHING WRONG.
Just as you as a guy desire to see your wife in a hipster or bootleg jeans or leggings and killer heels. She also wishes to see you in some fashionable clothing.
Remember jeans are only Haraam if its below your ankle.
A Mercedes is only Haraam if you go with it to a casino
Your hipster and bikini is only Haraam if you wear it for other men to see other than your hubby.
May Allah bless us all to see things in the right light!!!!!!

Times ahead are tough, marriages are crumbling due to lose of interest. Spice up your married life within the confines of shariat.



2 thoughts on “Love……

  1. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته.
    Brother, I’ve enjoyed whatever I’ve read of your blog so far. However, I have an objection to this post, “normal clothing” ??!! Are you insinuating that the libaas of Rasoolullah صلى الله عليه وسلم was abnormal???!! نعوذ بلله!! We should always be careful of what we say (or type), for we will be questioned in regard to our words.
    Sister in Islaam. مع السلام

    • WASALAAM sister hope you are well ? Shukran for your response I’m glad you have enjoyed the blog thus far, thank you for bringing to my attention the term normal ” normal” let me clarify, whilst using that term I didn’t for once this the Libass is our Nabi is abnormal- alhamdulillah I also wear the sunnah Libass on a full time basis- here in South Africa those clothes are generally referred to as normal clothes _ I have changed the wording shukran sister wslm

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