A bachelors hajj 2009 pt6

Let me make you fimiliar with the personalities on our trip starting from eldest to youngest.

Foima and forjee
Ml Zakariyya Adam and his wife Rehana
Ml Mohammed Jogee and his wife Apa Naseema
Ml Ridwaan Vaid and his wife Haafiza Bibi Fatima
Hafiz Mohammed Adam and myself

Now let me break the relation down, pay attention it gets confusing.
Foima is my dads eldest sister, Ml Zakariyya and Naseema are her two children, Mohamed and Bibi Fatima are her grand children from her other son, Hafiz Nazeer Ahmed who was not on this trip, Ml Mohamed jogee who is my brother married our 1st cousin Apa Naseema. Rehana is a Manjra from lenasia and the wife of Ml Zakariyya. Ml Ridwan Vaid is married to Foimas grand daughter Bibi Fatima he works at s.a.n.h.a you can catch him on radio Islam on the halaal program. Mohamed was doing his dhor and helping out in his dads shop, at this point there was no marriage on his cards as far as I knew ‘wink’ ‘wink’….
I was fixed to my wife and working as a manager at a Shell garage in Johannesburg at the time.

Confused? Sorry I’m not good at explaining hagas.

Coming back…. We used to frequent foimas room as there was always tea or some delicious meal been prepared, all you do in Makkah is eat, drink make ibadah and sleep and in my case shopping – guilty as charged-

We relate the incident of chai walas dud to the rest of the gang and all have a good laugh.
The next day we meet up with another fellow haji bhai named ‘Ismail bhai safla’ this man was in his 60’s performing hajj for the first time, but a really jokey and witty character, we laughed sitting and listening to his stories as he narrated it in a thick Durban accent.
“Al man you fellas are soo handsome!!! Then why you eating this kiri kiri cheese it not gona make you any whiter, I tell you I drank 1 1lt white paint too but I got more black”

That was his theory why we ate the ever famous white cheese called Kiri cheese


Throughout hajj we always loved helping Uncle Safla, I precisely remember on the completion of the 5 days of hajj in the lobby of our apartments in Azizia فندق الكميه Ismail bhai weeping and saying whilst hugging Nazeer Collins
” these KIZMATUL ALYAAM fellas helped us make hajj” the word KHIDMATUL AWAAM is abit of a tongue twister for many a Indian with a Gujarati tongue.

Time draws closer for us to move to Azizia, a small city on the outskirts of Makkah, we really dreading it as there the conditions of living are far different to our 4 star LE MERIDIEN there it was four brothers in one room, but we came this far and we were happy about any condition Allah placed before us as it was his invitation to us how could we have complained.

Experiences in Azizia, follow up to hajj and loads of Al Tazaj chicken with Tabasco wait not Tabasco but crystal sauce stay tuned…..




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