A bachelors hajj 2009 pt7

Azizia is slowly becoming the hub of activity as thousands of hujaaj flow in, as the cost factor for apartments in Makkah become really costly, our roommates were four, Mohammed and I, Ilyaas bhai and Uncle Iqbal Adam who KHIDMATUL AWAAM thought was our family due to his surname therefore put him with us, this was one special Cha-Cha, he had a really annoying habit of snoring loudly, and Mohammed n I just could not take it and we would have sleepless nights, but Uncle Iqbals other weakness was he could not sleep with the aircon on. Mohammed and I thus had a brilliant plan, Ilyaas bhai would just put his whole duvet and both pillows over his head to block out the snoring and sleep.

Mohamemd suggested that we switch on the aircon and by the time he feels the cold we would have already fallen asleep, good idea I reckon, we switch the aircon and fall into a deep sleep after about an hour we hear shuffling noises which wakes us both up, we see Uncle Iqbal desperately look for the remote to switch the aircon off.
We felt bad and with time got immune to his snoring and terminated the idea of the aircon. We were no innocent youngsters we had our mischievous triads, but after such a trip like hajj it’s like Allah makes our Islaah at the same time and we return and much better people.

The traveling to and from the haram from Azizia gets more and more costly as the days progress to hajj eventually we had to make groups and all go in one taxi so the cost could be shared.
We attend many lectures and lessons pertaining to hajj, in Azizia, KHIDMATUL AWAAM offer breakfast as part of your hajj package, they were just looking for volunteers who would prepare the meals for the rest of our group, our apartments consisted of 60 hujaaj, so Foima suggested that we volunteer and not before long every morning the Jogees and Adams were preparing a full continental breakfast for all the hujaaj was really nice, because it reminded me if back in the day when all the families got together for a family wedding and night before cooking preparations would take place and all the youngsters would help with smaller chores whilst the elder in the family would be at the pot, similarly here Foima was preparing a mass amount of scrambled eggs we just helped served them and clear up the tables. Shukr was a nice experience.

At these mass breakfast we met yet another character, this man was making hajj for the 9th time accompanied by his to sons, this man was unique, aged late 50’s, anything this man had to say we would rhyme it
” I’m hungry, wherea the curry, with no curry I become angry”
Eventually it was getting really boring becaus ended making no sense at all, he was also nicknames by a few youngsters as – RHYME A TYMA-

Soon enough it was time to go on ziyarat of MINA ARAFAT AND MUZDILIFAH, a few busses were organized and we were on our way, there was one youngster who was a voluntary helper of KHIDMATUL AWAAM a really nice guy we all hung out with him quite a bit during the trip named Sulaiman Bhamjee, who was named Sulaiman bin Jabal after falling on the mountain in Arafat on ziyarat his name really stuck.



Now if you never went crazy in this store then there is something seriously wrong with you. Our most frequent purchases from this store was Laban and the ever popular halwa made by halwani bros white in colour, a tip for you guys who haven’t yet visited Saudi but plan to, you’ve got to try this, buy one liter of Laban and add some sugar actually a lot of sugar inside, shake well and drink away,
note of caution: do not partake together with rutabdates it is HIGHLY DETRIMENTAL for unmarried lads. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



STAY TUNED….. Apologies for delayed post


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