Your Dearest Wife!!!!

Sooo you say you lost interest in her?

Sooo you find it hard to communicate with her?

Sooo you say she nags all the time?

Sooo you says she’s high maintenance?

Sooo you say her figure is gone?

Her hair is white?

She smells like vagaar ( Gujarati word for the bases of a curry dish) all the time?

Wears the same sameera cloak year in and year out?

These are what many a man complains about, some voice it some don’t.
Let’s paddle back a little or even better lets open the photo albums of your wedding, your honeymoon!!! Or are you going to just say that was the good old days?
What happen to the days you dwell in now? Why can’t they be as good as the ‘ good old days’? Huh huh huh!!!!!

You sat there in the masjid and there was a lump in your throat, all that was on your mind was HER, you just wanted all the formalities to be over, and be united with her in privacy.
You glared at her to your hearts content, you praised her till you ran out off words, you embraced her, you fulfilled all your desires to your hearts content and now after 5-8-20-25 years she’s a nag? She don’t care less? She this and that?

Ok…. Lets breakdown your complains and explain each, one at a time

What caused you to loose interest in her? Probably taking interest in other women? Once you don’t appreciate what Allah has given you, SHAITAAN takes his chance and makes other women look more attractive. Mary, Jane or Ayesha at work is more caring? You pour your sorrows out to them and they seem caring ? Ok take it to the next step you will divorce your current spouse and take Mary or Jane or Ayesha as your new wife and you think it’s going to be lovey dovey till you die??? Noooo the same cycle will start and then your list of complains will probably be longer…

Yes she probably wears the same sameera cloak throughout the year, did you try and gift her a new one? You used to shower her with roses ??? Why did you stop? Is it more expensive than your newspaper or speed and sound magazine you still continue to buy? Yes her figure looks like a trigger,, why??? It’s all the your kids that’s she’s been carrying.

Just STOP and take a good look at her she is who she always was its probably you who has changed, her life revolves around you and your kids, her health, figure, humor has deteriorated due to her making you and your kids her objective in life, but you have not made her your objective and your life doesn’t revolve around her therefore you have your list of complains.

Go to the place you went for honeymoon again and do all that you did then, and continue with the roses and whatever else, help her to cook then you will get your answer as to why she smells like vagaar all the time it’s because she’s cooking for YOU!!!

Press her feet, make her your queen in this world only then you will deserve her in jannah,


Love her, treasure her, engage her in healthy love filled conversation, and most of all overlook her every fault big or small. Praise her beyond limit.




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