A bachelors hajj 2009 pt8

As the first day of hajj draws closer Hijjaj start getting tense, with just one day remaining and I slowly feel a sense of seriousness creep in, a calling from deep within a heart a divine calling, that’s when I understood, when they say its Allahs invitation, Allah is calling you that’s the sense I was feeling within me, slowly we notice fellow hujjaj becoming more serious, less joking and more ibadah.

The next morning we all put our ihraams on and are asked by KHIDMATUL AWAAM personnel to assemble outside the hotel, my stomach begin to turn, something like the feeling when you waiting for your reply after proposing for marriage. (butterflies). We all begin to walk towards Mina, all men dressed alike, no difference between a king and wood cutter, a businessman and his employee, master and slave. Subhanallah !!!!
All reciting the same labbaik and headed in the same direction all seeking Allahs pleasure and forgiveness.
It’s a similar scene when we lowered in our grave with only a sheet covering our bodies none of our riches, cars, houses, even some of our families are not with us.


I glance at my fellow haji Bhais and notice a lot of them weep as they walk, just like me many of them still cannot believe they are actually here. On reaching Mina also known as the city of tents, we are escorted to our camps, non special services, Allah never created a division why do we, special non special, anyway we enter our tents and settle down I look around me and thought we had come to the special services tents as it was better than Azizia.



We had blankets, pillows and mattresses. Praise be to Allah. On the sort of balcony we had in our section was a fully laid out table with kiri cheese, cakes, biscuits and large fridges laden with shani, Pepsi and marinda, multiple urns for tea, we had access to this 24/7. Hujjaj start settling in an engage in ibadah, some tents bayanaat are taking place. Subhanallah I think to my self what an atmosphere.

Many on a spiritual high, just involved in all types of ibadah others in dua, weeping uncontrollably. Allahu Akbar
But on the down side and very unfortunate, we are not the judges but yet we find there are many who cannot give up their vain talk, many cannot leave and terminate their strong relationship with their cellphones and clicking pictures at every juncture, rather than encapsulating the moment and pondering as to, where they are, what is the history behind this ritual, what is asked of me as an individual.
I mention this so we can all take all take heed and not fall prey to this serious disregard for the sanctity of this holy ritual.

If a king invites you to his court, would you shuffle around? Play with your cellphone? Discuss your own small interests with the king who invited you? Or will you pay attention as to what he says? And only speak when you are spoken to? We can show so much respect to a worldly king, that what respect musnt we show to the king of kings? Who sent you a personal invite to his home?

May Allah grant us goodness and understanding of this blessed ritual called HAJJ



4 thoughts on “A bachelors hajj 2009 pt8

  1. Enjoying every bit of ur experience. ¤ ماشاءالله.
    I dont rem u telling me half of ths ƪőƪ. اللَّهُ take us all over αη∂ over again آمين

  2. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُُ 2da guy dat wrote ds u r 100%Correct rem evry bit of our hajj n mk dua2 ALLAH2 take us bk ia With Spouses Ameen. Iv been in 2007 it was an xperience of a lifetym n ppl complain 4 nutin shukr dey. Gv us da bezt der

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