A Mother……

She carried you for nine months,
She breast fed you for two years,
She sacrificed her sleep everytime you cried,
She changed your nappy no matter how bad it smelt,
She etched every memory of you in her heart and held it close to her,
She put you first before everybody else,

Yet we find when many a youngster has grown up big and strong whilst him/her mom has become old and frail you will hear the child say the following without any hesitation
mom:please make me a cup if tea
child” agh mom I’m really busy” even though his playing PS3 or XBOX

The Quran mentions that don’t even say uffor agh to your parents, you hurt her heart in the morning without even realizing but you will return home to your favorite dish. That is a mom, she holds no grudges, her love is unlimited.


She believed in you when no one else did, she gave you confidence, when yours was at its lowest, she boosted your spirits, when the world believed you had none. She loved you no matter what you did.

On the lighter side…….

A wise man once said ” I wish I was as handsome as my mom thinks and as wealthy as my wife believes”

You can kiss and hold an hug your girlfriend, but you find it difficult to kiss your Mom.
When she wants to hold and hug you, you feel ashamed, what a down fall in our mind set.
She gives you advice and you think she doesn’t know better, you go with your own mind and fail and realise later that you should have gone with her advice.
Paradise is under her feet, don’t loose your place in paradise by disobeying her.

Always tell her you love her.
Always give her a hug.
Always sit and talk to her.
Always listen to her even if her advice might not make sense to you, there is goodness in her words.
Always care for her even in her old age, turn your home into an old age home, by making all the bathrooms and toilet senior citizen friendly.
Never put her in an old age home.
Take care of her jus as she took care of you when you were little, without any complains.





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