A bachelors hajj 2009 pt9

Can you feel it? It is here….

Yes finally, the real reason why millions have travelled to these holy cities, one objective, one goal, to fulfil the 5th pillar of Islam, to obtain Allahs forgiveness and Allahs pleasure.

The night in Mina was electric!! People walking, buses blowing their horns, motorcycles up and about. Mina doesn’t seem real to me.

The next day it is the much awaited day of Arafat. The Hadith of our Prophet peace be upon him, which is something to the effect ” there is no hajj with no Arafat”
This shows the great importance on being present on the plains of Arafat. As we decided to do a walking hajj, we venture off before fajr and read our fajr salaah at the boundaries of Mina, the city is a buzz a hub of activity, subhanallah…


We complete our salaah and enter the vast area of Arafat, people begin streaming in, when I turned around it was like a river if milk, all the people walking in their white ihraams Allahu Akbar- the cried of labbaik is heard from every tent and corner.


We are escorted to our tents, we settle down and all are engaged in some ibadah or the other, I venture into deep thought about the day of qiyamat when we will all be present on the plains of hashr not just 3 or 4 million but rather whole of humanity from Adam AS till the very last child born. Standing before Allah, Arafat is hot, but that day the sun will be an arms length away, we won’t have any clothing at all.
May Allah make us from amongst those that will be under the throne of Allah partaking of delicious meals. Ameen.

As the time of wuqoof draws close people start going out side and making dua, Allahu Akbar this time is unique, you make all the duas you could ever think of, you cry, till you can’t cry anymore all this whilst standing in the hot sun but you don’t mind as you never know if you’ll get another chance again, ever!!! You get tired and terminate your dua and say to yourself ” I will go again and make dua” and then you look at another haji who has been crying and making dua with no termination at all, so you get up and start making dua again, then you feel you’ve cried enough or your tears have run dry, untill you see an elderly mans white beard drenched with tears and yours is still dry and you start crying all over again. At times you cry because you hear how others weep uncontrollably, and weep with them, at this point I used to tell Allah ” I cannot cry like him please accept my dua with his crying”. Arafat, every Muslim has to experience it. NO EXCUSES!!!!!!


It’s after sunset and its time to move on to MUZDALIFAH, this walk is a lengthy one, this walk is really amazing there are huge trucks laden with goodies and they just throwing them at the hujaaj you catch as much as you can i even filled my haj back pack, yes- im an indian lol. We all take turns to push Foima in the wheelchair, it’s my turn and whilst walking I became abit careless in regards to my lower ihraam just then Mohamed laughing and saying ” Ali, ramal means one arm needs to be exposed not you thighs”
Luckily I caught it in time. I here someone from the group say ” it’s not the Cannes or Grammy awards that your slit has to be so high”

On our route there are many ice cream trucks selling worlds best soft serve Mohammed and I decide to make some ikraam e Muslim and buy ice cream for the group, we ask them to carry on and we will catch up. Little did we realise that it is 45 degrees, and we purchasing soft serve ice cream. After about 10 minutes in the que, we are helped. We purchase 10 soft serve ice creams and hurry off to catch up, ( hard to run with an ihraam and sandals) we meet up with the group, by this time the ice cream is milk, they gulp it down, but appreciate our generosity nontheless. Nearing MUZDILIFAH




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