Syria… Their call… Their cry

Whilst we find the time to relax and catch a sun tan, or perhaps make a plan to go out to a game of bowling.

Our fellow HUMANS gets butchered in Syria…. This is not only a religious battle but a fight for humanitarian lives. I’m a Muslim so I have two pains, one is that my brother that shares the same faith as me gets killed for no fault of his, secondly I’m a human and my fellow human brother is shot just for not bowing to the Assad regime. And we talk about democracy, they scream it out loud that their democratical system are flawless. Sad indeed

If there is war in a country then all able men should fight, how do we explain the killing of innocent children who have not yet seen the chalk board of a classroom, have not yet dreamt further than their desire to have the latest remote control car? Yes!!! Children that are so small are loosing their precious lives.

What’s the solution? Don’t tell me U.N are stepping in, and John Kerry is in talks, by the time there have their introductions to their meeting 1000s are already killed.


As a Muslim or non Muslim you can 1st is pray for them, secondly, find out where in your country, collections are been made for aid, clothing and basic essentials fir the Syrian people.

Hold firm onto the teachings of Al-Quran and sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW.




In South Africa the awareness has been raised and Channel Islam international and many other organizations have taken up the duty of delivering aid to Syria…
What’s your duty?
Contact your local mosque and ask where the collections are been made. The criteria is Winter clothes for men, ladies and children NEW. Sanitary wear and diapers for babies and toddlers.

Drop off point in Ermelo is 11 Danka street, Cassim Park, Ermelo, Mpumalanga.

Any one else wishes to contribute, and don’t have a drop off point near you, you can email me and we will work something out for you.

May Allah remove all the hardships of the people of Syria.
May Allah deal with the Assad regime and its alliances in a way he deems fit.
May Allah ease the suffering of all the men, women and children worldwide.



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