A bachelors hajj 2009 pt10

The night is still young as we enter MUZDALIFAH, extremely tired and hungry, this five start hotel, consist of no Simmonds mattress, no continental pillows, no soft silky sheets, no jacuzzi, but rather sand, pebbles, road and tar. Wherever you find your spot, you open your hajj mat and lay down and sleep using your upper ihraam as your blanket.

We needed a rather large area as we were a huge group, because there are people sleeping all around, it’s hard to tell the diffrence between road and walkway. We find a really nice spot, which looked like a small side street, so we set up camp there as we knew that this path probably not in use, so we will not be disturbed at early morning.


After settling down, we discuss as to who will get something to eat and who will get the groups pebbles. Mohamed and I decide to the pebbles, and molana Ridwan and Molana Mohamed organise the food.


The search is on for pebbles NOT BOULDERS, as we notice some people collecting. I am extremely proud with myself when I find a packet with a lot of ‘pepples’ inside and tell Mohammed this is mine, we continue collecting and head back to our ‘executive suit’ at MUZDILAFAH HEIGHTSLOL on return we hand each couple their stones and settle down with ours sorting them out,
I always wondered as to why my packet felt so light, I open my packet and empty it’s contents in the palm of my hand, and examine them properly and realise it’s not pebbles but rather …… Wait for it……… Sheep or goat droppings. I whisper to Mohammed ” please come with me I need to collect for stones”
He asks: ” what happen to your lucky packet”
I show him and say: ” it was unlucky”
He has a good laugh as usual.

We eat and retire to bed, as the day ahead is a rather long one. As I put my head down I fall off to sleep. It was around 11:45. After some time that felt like literally 15 minutes, I dream that a huge bus is blowing its horn in my ears. Oh! Wait it is a huge red bus blowing its horn and flashing its head lights in my face, I was right in front of the bus in my sleeping bag, Mohamed screaming at the top of his voice ” Ali move move this is a main road that we slept on”
I continue to show the guy the sign that you make with your hand when you want the other person to exercise patience. Basically putting all 5 fingers together. We actually set up camp on a main road.

Pelting and all that goes with it .,,,.. Tomorrow insha Allah

Jumua Mubarak


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