A bachelors hajj 2009 pt11

Every haji has no idea what he or she is about to experience on the day of pelting, its like walking from Southgate on the M1 freeway and taking the Grayston Drive off ramp not with your BMW or Merc but rather on foot. Imagine three highways of not cars but people. The sight is moving Allahu Akbar !!!!


The tunnels are huge and labbaik is once again heard from every person you pass, but as priority make sure your back pack is covered with your top Ihram as the guards take all wheelchairs and baggage and throw it into huge skip bins, and remember that this traffic is one way you cannot turn around, once you pelt you go out the otherside, you cannot turn around.

The building that houses the three shayateen is huge I salute the Saudi government and hajj ministry for this amazing job, its like a huge airport with multiple floors. We enter this huge air conditioned building and its made so easy, you just walk up to the jamaraat and with ease you can pelt it. A lot of ignorance gets displayed here as people actually believe that they are pelting iblees, someone once mentioned to me that when he was on hajj at at the jamaraat there was a capetonian brother giving a long speech to shaitaan before throwing his pepples, the speech was something to this effect.
YOU LET ME LIE AN DO ALL THE WRONG THINGS TODAY YOU CAN’T RUNAWAY I WILL TAKE FULL REVENGE FOR ALL THE PROBLEMS YOU CAUSED ME!!! saying this the brother tossed his whole packet of pepples at the first shaitan.
Our experience was amazing, as Mohammed and I got close to jamaraat we felt some stones hitting us, just then we saw ML SULAIMAN RAVAT who is a tall man masha Allah so we took shelter behind him and giggled as the stones bounched of his head.


Some characters would take a long run up and throw the stones at the jamaraat like some cricket player. The guards tire themselves trying to stop them from these innovations. May Allah save us all, Ameen

Coming out of the huge crowds of people is such a relief, as we come out the otherside I see a huge BIN DAWOOD I’m overjoyed we rush in and purchase Pepsi and Shani etc…
And stand on a busy road looking for a taxi to go to our hotel, Mohamed manages to stop a taxi, we jump in and tell him our hotels name which was “funduk al makkiyyah we ask him a price and he says 400 riyal which is R800 we too tired to argue with him and the drive was literally 200 meters and there was our hotel we felt like total idiots.

This was an amazing day a day of delight as after almost three days our Ihraams are about to come off.




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