Are you down in the dumps???

When your heart feels like it has broken into a million pieces, feels like all that you ever have or had is snatched away from you in an instance , your world is crumbling from every angle, you ‘buddies’ have turned against you, can you relate to it????

You could never see it coming? It was like a flash that hit you? Can you relate?
When a wound is inflicted on a bodily organ, the wound can be seen, felt and the blood even flows, but after time it heals and the scar is also gone, you even forget you once got hurt there,but a wound on the heart cannot be seen cannot be touched, there is no scar, but you will never forget, the pain lingers on forever, am I right??? Can you relate ???


Some happenings in life probably send you back to square one. And I mean square one. Knocks you flat, you feel helpless, drowning in every sorrow thrown at you, but you pluck up courage to put smile on your face!!! The price of that smile is invaluable!!!! The smile on the faces of the kids of Syria is priceless, there can be no price attached to it, as it was brought on amidst their horrible conditions.

That smile is a bounty from Allah, telling you that ” I will never put you in a situation you can’t handle”
” perhaps I love you so much that I decided to test you to see if you love me too,”

Remember pass that test, and the doors of barakah n rahmah will flow, don’t attribute your test to bad luck!!! Or jadoo!!! Or bad conditions!!!! Or on the excuse that ‘i am a sinner therefore this test’ Noooooo ALLAH TESTS THOSE THAT HE LOVES

Ayoob AS had such a sickness that worms resided in his bodily wounds, if one fell out he returned it to its respective wound saying ” that is its sustenance, Ebrahim AS. Was tested, moosa AS was tested MOST BELOVED OF ALLAH PROPHET MOHAMMED WAS TESTED, such a test that non of us could ever bare….

Don’t despair Allah is there!!!!!!!!!


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