The beauty of hijab

Whilst at a cake decoration exhibition, I marveled at the way the bakers would transform a plain cake into something so beautiful, the more they covered it with the sugar paste the more beautiful it looked.

Similarly the beauty of a women is sacred, it is an amanah, reserved for her husband only. Who want to eat a sweet with no wrapper? No one!! The longer the sweet has no wrapper the more the green ugly flies will circulate and sit on it, the moment the flies are chased away and the sweet is covered, one will never tell that the sweet was once open. My beloved sister cover your beautiful body that Allah has blessed you with.


Many a non Muslim or sometimes the Muslim as well has this misconception that a women is forced to veil herself by her husband or her faith,everyone feels sorry when they see the dog or cat in a cage. But in this case it is not so, I shall explain the beauty of hijab in the next post insha Allah


Look out for future post where sisters from around the globe share they different stories with us about their journey to hijab and niqaab, the trails and comments from fellow kin they had to endure just to follow the true principals of Islam

Untill tomorrow Wslm ……..


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