The beauty of hijab, story of Sister Tasmiyya Abaad

Assalamu Alaikum
In the name of that lord who has guided me to the right path an saved me from the path of the wrong doers. Peace and blessing be on the greatest man of all time and era, our beloved Prophet Mohammed AS.

” Uff!!! Where to I start, Akh Ali has really put me in quite a spot, since seen it is non Muslims that required clarity on this matter, I will most definitely share it and hope for reward.

Brought up in a broken home in the largest city of Houston, Texas USA. (If I had it my way I’d even write USA in lower case). Dad was a traveller Mom was always working to support us, which eventually proved fatal in Dad and Moms relationship and thus they divorced. This had to be the hardest time for me in my entire life. It created much restlessness in my heart which exposed me to many a vice in search of peace.

Mom stopped supporting us and we all went our own ways, luckily I was the youngest aged 23 but had still many years of studies ahead of me. I took employment at a local strip club which helped me pay for my studies, rent etc. the restlessness continued to grow, which lead to me getting involved in many more vices to attain false peace.

The pills and smokes gave me all the high I desired but later dropped me below the gutters. I than met John who was quite learned in the faiths of Islam and Christianity. John believed in me and helped me pull myself together. After some time I found myself attending church quite often which gradually instilled a little peace my once stained, crushed heart.

But still the emptiness would never leave me, if I wasn’t at church, I would feel utterly low but once there I felt good again, which was quite odd. A religion suppose to Atleast give you peace from one Sunday till the next. I began questioning John about the ‘gruesome’ ‘ugly’ ‘man slaughtering’ opressive’ faith of Islam ( well so I thought at that time). John always waved my questioning aside, saying “SERIOUSLY” !!!!

I began frantically searching the web for answers to Islam, I had this mind set just like most Americans that it is the worst most cruel religion ever. Nontheless I sat day and and night researching this so called Islam. I missed my job for days on end, calling in sick everytime.

I stumbled upon YouTube, and astonished by the amount of ladies from America had converted to Islam. John began noticing the change in me and grew concerned, we had major fights over this, I always told him you researched, it you’ve studied it, why haven’t you accepted it yet? The more I read about it the more a closer I felt the presence of God and peace, that I just could not stop. John finally left me and moved on saying ” yes it is the true religion, but look around you, all the support you have will disappear once you embrace it” at this point I was ready for any boulder thrown at me. My iman seemed to be at its peak and I haven’t even pronounced the shahadah yet.
I later changed jobs and began working as a teller at a local superette, many Muslims frequented this shop. I got into contact with a few and told them I want to be a Muslim. They all were very supportive and directed me to the local cleric(sheikh). I met with the sheikh told him my plan, he gave me some literature and I left.
On December 25th 2008 I was invited to a party at one of my old friends houses, I decided to wear the head gear and the arab dress all in bright red.
On my approach to the house the door man delightedly said ” stunning miss” I was really taken aback that all these years my hipsters and micro mini brought me nothing but flirty comments from the male species but for once I’m all covered up and get a compliment which made me feel dignified. I walked in and all just gazed in amazement.
Sara my friend broke the ice by saying ” dannnnnmmmmm gal you are glowing did you just marry one of them hot Arab dudes?”
I just laughed it off and said “no I’m considering becoming a Muslim so decided to see how it feels to wear Islamic garb”
Slowly I noticed faces turn away, many started whispering to each other, others laughed. Sara again blurted out ” she’s just kidding, c’mon have a drink”
All I remember is turning around and bolting out of that hall I searched for my mobile phone and called the cleric immediately and told him I want to take shahadah that night. He told me to come to the local mosque. On arrival I was greeted by many Muslims with big smiles welcoming me. The cleric read a sermon and asked me to read after him the magical kalimah, I cried so much I could not recite properly. Sobbing was heard from all around the room.
I felt light, I felt brandnew, I felt like jumping and screaming out of joy.

All the ladies embraced me, I felt I had a new family altogether.


Due to time constraints I shall send the second part which makes mention of my journey to hijab and will be published on this platform.



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