The beauty of hijab, anonymous Sister

My story about niqab:

From a very tender age even before i knew what hijab was my parents donned me with hijab. I faced many obstacles in this path, but remained head strong. Alhamdulillah!

I can still recall a day when we had a family gathering. I had older cousins who did not wear scarf, and still do not wear (I pray for their guidance in sha Allah). Anyways, they were in a room and I was passing by, so they said “Oh, there’s the old Aunty passing, come here, we want to ask you something” and they started laughing. It may sound funny, but at that time it really affected me. I felt like the “Apa” or “Old aunty” of the family, as i am still called at times, out of mock of my hijab. Anyways, my mother was there and overheard this, and she said “Just ignore them and come away this side”. Alhamdulillah! That was a great source of comfort for me.

People always have nasty side comments and sarcastic remarks to make. We are meant to to face these obstacles when walking this path. However it is commonly known that something is only accepted from Allah, when we are tested. The challenge is to remain headstrong and turn a deaf ear towards it.
Recently I went to the park,my sister and I, wearing cloaks. And my dad said to me, “Why are you people acting like old ladies?”.I guess this is the challenge that most of us have to face.

I was always under the impression that hijab was of utmost importance, and niqab of less importance. I had a male teacher who constantly encouraged me to don the niqab. But I found it of less importance in comparison to hijab. However, he actually began to beg me. It became a nuisance at a certain stage. I thought to myself “Muallim, what’s the need to be so strict in covering yourself?” “I am wearing strict hijab, so why the niqab?” I was in the state of jahiliyya (ignorance)
How ever, my sister was always very eager to cover her face. She would come home and nag my mother to allow her. But, being a child and of less “mental strength” (should I say) than mum, she was not allowed to wear the niqab. She told my teacher about this. He said he will make dua for her. He was one of the most pious people I have ever met, and today I see the effect of his heartfelt prayers.

That year I went for umrah, and wore the niqab when I was at these holy grounds. Somehow, my parents found it extremely important to wear niqab in these beautiful places since it keeps one away from fitnah. So, it was just a normal thing for me, although, when I came back I had an innate feeling, or if I can describe it as a pull, to keep my niqab on. But, as we know, shaitaan runs through every part of our bodies, and only Allah can protect us.

Anyways, time went on as it always does. I carried on living in this form of ignorance, with the thought that hijab was only necessary, not the niqab. Also with the terrible ideology that niqab was extremely limiting to the freedom of a woman. Nauthubillah!

My uncle, who is the most pious person I have EVER come across, used to come and stay over at my house many times. One day, when speaking about gaining the love of Allah, he mentioned the importance of becoming bayat (selling your soul, and life, to Allah in order to be granted Jannah).
Through a series of events, I became bayat to him. Through the light and piety of my sheikh, through the effect of his extreme and profound love for Allah, Allah guided me towards the right thought of niqab. The effect happened very slowly in my heart. An example would be that one day, as I was returning from a function wherein I had performed, I felt an extreme and deep feeling of love for Allah. I thought to myself, what kind of love is this, that I am disobeying Allah by exposing my face and claiming to love Allah?! I took the other end of my scarf and covered the bottom part of my face, embarrassed of myself. I had this feeling many times and done exactly the same thing.
But, it did not prompt me to make this drastic change. However, there was a slow yet drastic effect taking place on my heart.
My sheikh had never even once mentioned niqab, and later on, when I had spoken to him about it, he said he did not want to create the impression that deen had any hardship in it.

Allah had planned it so beautiful for me because I came across an extremely pious family. All the woman were in strict niqab and jilbaab. I was shocked by this. Not only were the women in niqab, but the men always wore turban and kurta. Subhanallah! This is honoring the deen! They live their lives completely on the sunnah. Not a single step do they take that goes against the deen and the laws of Allah. They are such people that just by hearing about them you can change your whole life. I was extremely inspired by them. They live such peaceful, happy lives. Subhanallah! I was always under the impression that piety has left us in today’s time. Utter trip! Allah Taalah has his friends all over the World at every era. When a person has true noor, then even hearing about them can change your life!
It was them who inspired me even further.

Now, the task was going to my parents and asking them to allow me to wear this modest garb. Big mistake! I said please allow me. I tried and tried to make them understand. But Allah subhana wa taalah knows best. It reached such a stage that my father threatened me by saying that if you are going to wear parda, I will kick you out of my house! At that very instance, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces! What has the ummah come to? I was very hurt by this incident. And in such matters, we are meant to deal diplomatically, so I had to get my parents to start loving the niqab and ask me to wear it themselves. Now, I do not even want to wear color scarfs out of the house, and I only wear cloaks. This makes my mother really upset, and although I am completely aware of this, I cannot throw my modesty away so easily. I pray to Allah constantly, that he guides my parents. They are the ones who brought me up, the ones who taught me so much, the ones who had mercy on me as a child. “Allah, please guide my parents, please keep them on the right path always. Please show them the light of niqab, grant them love for niqab, love for every other aspect of deen, as well. Ameen”
This prayer to Allah is keeping me very close to him, maybe that is why he is postponing it’s acceptance.

Hence, the twitter account. To support those who need that support. To teach about the beauty of deen. To use this amazing form of technology to please Allah.

I believe that hijab, which has been mentioned in the Quran, is actually niqaab. A very pious muftia says that it is actually a bidat to undermine the importance of niqab, and place more importance on hijab. Why must we give our modesty away to strange men who we will never know? Why Should we allow them to cast their filthy, lustful gazes upon pearls like us? In these days it is much much more important to cover oneself with niqab, because men have forgotten about the value of women and they do not lower their gazes. When a girl reaches buloogh, not only should she wear hijab, she should also wear the niqab.

My best friend, Raeesa, is also in niqaab. She is not only in niqab, but also wears full jilbaab. Her parents make it extremely difficult for her to practice deen. They are her biggest obstacle, just like my parents. I salute her for her piety and good intentions. Her father is totally against niqab and forces her to leave the house with him! Subhanallah! Allah only tests those whom he loves

To all the parents out there: I urge you to give your children the freedom to practice the deen as they wish. In a world where children are fighting to disobey Allah, there are your kids who want to please Allah, no matter what it takes. I urge you to ignore the dirty and corrupt opinions of society, and choose the path of Allah. Try and understand what message your children are trying to send to you. Don’t become oblivious to them, that’s when you lose touch with your children. Try to create a relationship with your children, a relationship of love and understanding, trust me, every child needs that.

I know of a girl who has never been seen by a strange man before! Is piety really lost in today’s time? I don’t think so. Can people who really wish to preserve it do so? Definitely! Oh sister in Islam, I salute you for guarding your modesty and beauty! Rare you are, Oh precious one!

This is my story. I hope it comes across as a da’wah rather than a story of entertainment. Ameen. I request for your duas, In sha Allah.

By: anonymous sister



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