The beauty of hijab, Twin Sisters Shakera and Zakera of Nigel South Africa

Brought up in probably one of the strictest homes on the East Rand, and probably the only two girls that wore trousers to school.

Yes that’s our story Shakera and Zakera Jogie (Casoojee) our Dad was one that was very stern in all the aspects of deen which today we are very thankful to him for. The mere head scarf and appropriate garments was a must, however he never forced us on the issue of Purdah it was our own choice. Our Mom hailed from Zimbabwe from a modernized back ground, Mom and Dad still laugh about it today because Mom was the very first from her family to marry a bearded man. Dad caused a major uproar when he didn’t grace the stage to sit next to mom which according to them was absurd. Many gave their marriage 6 months others said it was a force marriage etc but through Allah’s grace they married now 33 years, dad helped mom along on this journey of reformation and 30 years into their marriage did mom finally wear the complete hijab.
What I’m basically trying to point out is that despite Dads strict nature he had an amazing amount of wisdom and helped mom along, there was no use of iron fist, if there was use of iron fist we probably would have not been writing this story today.
Non the less coming back..we went into complete hijaab and niqaab at the age of 17 alhamdulillah, and never looked back. We wore the niqaab throughout our Montessori career, yes purdah does not restrict you in the least. Today here we are going into panic if we cant find our niqaab.
It was that Friday that we decided to take the step and wear that black cloth over our faces that would invite funny comments, teasing, funny looks etc. but we prayed to Allah and asked him to guide us. The crazy thoughts always bombarded us “ who will marry me ?” “ I will loose good proposals “ etc but through the grace and mercy of Allah. Allah blessed us with upright islamically inclined husbands who were looking for girls in hijaab.

At the age of 19 my sister Shakera married Hafiz Hasan the elder brother and I Zakera married Haroon the younger brother.
So sisters don’t be despondent put your trust in Allah and don’t for once think he will let you down. Allah understands every persons situation and thus will grant you the help you so desire…. Ameen





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