A Cry Of The Heart —

Consolation ! Do not despair when in sorrow. Take solace from the fact that all worldly trials are ” Temporary”.

Your trails are like water over yet, that is one major worry, but greater point of concern is that the railing with which you hold on to is beginning to give way, probably all because you didn’t maintain it when your ship was good???
But the love you have for your ship and railing cannot be matched to any other, it is true, it is sincere, it is from the heart.

Oh!!!! My railing of my beloved ship please donot dessert me now!!!! For if you do I still shall not tell anyone!!!! Your love for your captain probably not as much as the captains love for the railing on his ship….


I will sandpaper your edges oh my beloved railing!!!! I will repaint you silver and bright again oh!!! My beloved railing !!!! All I ask is some time as I have not enough resources to do it now but I will start with my cloth and wipe you daily, I will keep you safe of the rough seas, I will make sure the ugly rust doesn’t eat away further, I will nuture you and restore you till next time I fall and ill be so sure will be my support and hold me up…..

When a captain is on his ship he cares for nothing else more then the ship and the components that make up the ship…..

” love can reach such a point that the tongue remains silent but the heart continues to weep”

-source unknown



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