I’ve perched on your arm so that u could imprison me within the cage of your life.
With the promise of care, love and seeds of hope to feed my soul,
I lived within, grew and fattened
Little did I realize how your fondness fed me so

I grew so much till the bars squeezed my chest
From melodies to tiny chirps
My chest heaved, but it was too late
To realize the consequences of being willingly imprisoned

I close my eyes and imagine soaring the blue skies
Like the days when I could see you down below
I drew clouds of dreams
Added a sparkle to each of the stars
I made you one too

The star of my life, nay you were the sun
In all it’s shining glory
And so with the uncertainty of what the night might bring
I await dawn, to see my Sun rise
So that things may seem vast and apparent
So that my soul can be warmed by the comfort of your sunshine



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