Close your cyber door!!!

Seated in the lounge with my 3month old son beside me on his pillow ‘gurgling’ away, I gaze at my iPhone screen, sliding through the different apps, from angry birds to minion rush, never satisfied with my scores. In twitter and hop to Facebook, hoping there is new follower or interesting update.

Completely oblivious if the fact my son Yahya is sharing priceless smile upon smile with me whilst I get frustrated at my death in minion rush!!!! Giggling at every angry face I make when I’m defeated and cant make up the 2,100 000 score like Yusuf Dindar, but so engrossed in this game, I play against people I don’t even know, I miss every precious moment my son smiles thinking I’m talking to him. Sometimes half n hour goes like this. I turn to look at him just for a second and there he gives another wide smile.

I think to myself, what has these small gadgets done to us that we marvel upon the photos our 45th connection loaded on Facebook and verse random friends on real racer and minion rush, whilst our closest kin lay beside us and we take there precious smiles for granted. My Daughter Rahmah just on 2 years old at the peak of her cuteness as many would know, standing at the door way saying ” Tum abeeya annaa” ” come Abuya, lets go sleep” but the games seems a lot nicer at that moment, ” tum abeeya tum abeeya” is heard 4 or perhaps 5 times then silence.

After I ‘short’ period of time my phone goes flat due to drained battery, I throw it beside me and yawn and stretch out and realise my Yahya is no more beside me and my Rahmah probably in bed.

I realise a whole hour was wasted in playing a futile game and caused me to miss out on so much real pleasures. I slowly open the covers and creep into bed hoping not to wake my beautiful daughter, she swiftly turns over arms stretched out in her deep slumber and gives me a priceless smile and a warm hug. At this point I want to kick myself for not spending time with her instead.
I gape into the cot beside the bed and there is my son fast asleep subhanallah !!!!

These precious being we’re sent to us by Allah, they love us unconditionally, they regard us as their world. Yet sad indeed insaan is caught up in this cyber world, a fake world, a world that operates in real time but not a real world.

May Allah bless everyone of us, I pledge today to make my children and family around me 1st priority and my phone and gadgets last of last priority.

Brothers and sisters, this is a problem in many a home lets all make a promise today that we will cut down on our phone addictions and take note of the more beautiful things in our homes.






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