Beloved Mother ( from Moulana Mohammed jogie of Namibia, Mother is Sister Hawa Jogie)

A sons first love and a daughters first friend.

My mother , where do I start……
When I didn’t know what your were doing for me you were doing it already. Lets start at the beginning , you even changed your diet simply because you knew I was growing within you.

The day I was destined to make my appearance I didn’t call in to say I’m coming , I simply ‘pitched up’.
Yip you guessed it , I stole your sleep, I cut down your meal time , friends time , cooking time , even your bathing time, sad to say I even took your concentration when you stood devotedly before Our Creator.

Then I crawled by the grace of Allah , your happiness was more than my own , but I found new avenues to trouble you with newly discovered talent , now drawers were emptied , grocery cupboards were turned upside down, even Abbas socks drawer wasn’t safe from my fidgety fingers.
Then I took my first steps with the grace of Allah , you phoned everyone you knew to tell them the good news , you were so proud of me , but now I could reach those things you had placed on higher shelfs considering me , so now, my new toys were your kitchen knifes obviously when you were not looking , now I even dared to step outside , aha new playgrounds , sand , sand and more sand , now a I came home dirty everyday.

You washed that pile of dirty clothes without a frown. School , dressed in my new uniform you kissed me and cried when I was dropped off at the school building and you promised me you love me and that all would be ok. Yip, in that same school I got up to all sorts of things and what I never knew, was your constant fear, I didn’t help your heart infact I did things without you knowing, yes mom, lots of them.
Then I forgot all that you broke your back for and even chose to argue with you over silly things , my own progress did not worry me as it worried you,I didn’t care while your worried yourself sick , studies, yes 10 long years of it, you accepted and bore the seperation with patience and hoping for reward even though your heart ached from its deepest recesses,learners , license , marriage , kids, operations accidents, recoveries you name it ,all the way Ammi you stood by me even if at some point you doubted I would manage, you never showed me and when things worked out simply because you made duas in the dead of night for my success you smiled and said, ‘I told you it would work out , you’re a star.’ things progressed rapidly day by day and today I stand back looking at my kids and wishing I could have my childhood back again , just one more time. But alas it is not to be . Love you Ammi.

Your rascal , mwah.


This feature has hardly started and I’m getting all excited already, ALI ISMAIL JOGIE


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