Beloved Mother. (Story by Sister Razia Jogee, mother is Sister Amina Jogee of Port Elizebeth)

My Mother. My Friend.

I don’t know how to start this because there is not enough words to describe my wonderful mother.

As your second child your were accustomed to having your whole routine changed, that’s why I decided for my first 10 days I won’t cry and trouble you, not even when I was hungry, lol.
My wonderful mother you guided me through my first steps in life, been with me through my school years, helped me and guided me during my teens.
At the age of 20yrs when My wonderful father passed away, Mummy you were a pillar of strength for me. mummy, you were there to motivate me to get my drivers licence, taught me to be independent.
My wonderful mother you stood with me and guided me through my marriage and your doors and arms were open for me when I went through my divorce.
During my iddat when I would talk about things and repeat myself a million times, mummy you would just listen as if I was saying it for the first time.
mummy your companionship at that time is unforgettable.
The last 5yrs with you, mummy as been awesome. Every outing we have together, be it to a coffee shop, a shopping trip or just taking mummy to visit someone is a treasure, well actually every moment I spend with you, mummy is a treasure.

I love you..

With lots of love
your loving daughter RAZIA



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