Beloved Mother. ( story by Sister Swaliha Subrathi, moms name KHADIJA Subrathi)

My beloved ammi has always been there for me from the day i was born till today.
Being a only child at that time she never spoilt me rotten, but gave me luxuries to a certain point then would say you going into somone elses home we cant over spoil you,cos then u will trouble your husband.

i am so thankful to my ammi for bringing me up in this way,that today when i go through different tests in life,i feel stronger not weaker and i can face the tests with a smile!!!!!!!!!

When i need a friend you always there for me ,you tried your best to make sure i dont ever feel lonely.whether you not well or feeling down you never made it known and always are soo strong.
You always available for my kids and shower them with so much of love and care that they always want to stay at nani house.
Today I thank you ammi for everything you have done for me in my life,You
deserve a SUPERMOM award because you really are a supermom!May Allah grant you a long life, keep you in good health and keep your happy always.insha Allah
I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS! From:your beloved daughter swalihah.

I have to add that when my mum n dad went for hajj in 1995, I stayed at this Auntys home, who is my dads sister, she never showed any love less than a mom, she hugged cuddled and showered me with gifts, when it was time to go back to my mom and dad on their return, I cried from the separation of this Aunty, my beloved KHADIJA FOIALI JOGIE



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