Dear Future Husband!!! ( by veiled sister Northwest Province South Africa)

after reading this, I thought to myself, I hear many a guy say ” all girls are materialistic , demanding, etc ” well brothers you obviously looking in the wrong place, many fish in the sea, your tackle probably hitting the sea bed everytime” AJ


Dear Future Husband..

Ask any Girl.. From her tender years.. All she ever dreams about.. Is ‘that’ day. The day she wears the perfect white dress, with just the perfect shade of eye shadow, and the glossy red lips noticed by a sweet shy smile making its way from the corner of her lips.. ‘Wow,doesn’t she look lovely!’ ‘Ah her dress is just beautiful, probably imported from dubai I’m sure?’ ‘Look at the noor on her face!’ ‘Or perhaps its just Aunty Fatima’s whitening cream! You know how dark she used to be, and so much acne ne handu,I’m telling you Gori Khala, Its all that Fair Lady Creams,not noor!’, One typical old gujji lady will snap!

These Are the comments she’ll hear being whispered as she walks down the aisle with zawjati playing softly in the distant..
There he is.. The man of her dreams.. Waiting just for her. His finally hers.. Little girls are chanting ‘nikaahun mubaarakun’ while teenagers are filling their instagram of her picture perfect wedding!..

I however, am not your ‘average’ girl. Ever since a young girl, i dreamt of my perfect husband, rather than the perfect wedding. As i grew up, I Learnt I was right all along, its not all disney movies and long flowy dresses, its the marriage you work on..
So Dear Future Husband..
While my entire youth i kept chaste just for you, no idea of who you are and where you might be from, I long for you more and more each day..

I promise to bear all your children, and bring them up in the best possible way, i will dress up for your eyes only, and serve you the best home cooked meals.. I will be by your side day and night, nursing you when you have even the slightest sign of a cold.. I will Hold your hand and never let go, i will read my Dhor For our beautiful Kids as i put them off to sleep.. All i ask, is that My Dear Husband, You appreciate me for who i am, and look beyond my body. I am not a girl out of the magazine, i don’t have the flattest belly nor do i have the perfect hair.. I won’t demand anything from you, i don’t have any wild expectation of who i want you to be either.. We’ll live our life on Sunnah and that will be the greatest love Story of All..

Dear Future Husband, Wake me up in the Early parts of the Morning so that i can Glorify my Rabb the exalted for sending you to me..

I don’t ask for a big home, or a fancy car..
I ask for simply a big heart and a Life of Qur’aan.

Dear Future Husband, Go out in the Path of Allah upholding this Deen and living up to our purpose, i will make sabr on our seperation, and Secure our Place in Jannah..

Dear Future Husband, I’ll love you forever..
I want to wake up to your beautiful recitation of Qur’aan, and go to sleep Gazing at you in salaah..

Oh and by the way.. Dear Future Hubby, You may want to speed the process up, you know my Heart is longing to meet you now,and my Rib is abit sore, it needs its other half side to support it 😉

PS: With all my love and duas.. Sealed with a tinge of Hope,
Your crazy Future wife!

And he prayed for her, and she prayed for him, Every Day, without knowing who the other were.. And perhaps.. That.. Is the sweetest tale of all!

So dear girls, forget about the royal wedding,and dream about how you can have the perfect marriage instead!

DEATH ( a poem by our veiled sister from Northwest Province South Africa)


The Topic itself sends shivers down our spines. We often hate to hear about it, let alone speak regarding it! Death.. Undoubtedly the only certain thing, yet the only distant thing in our mind. Until..suddenly.. Out of nowhere.. While Busy making a Hits! Death strikes! And reality sinks in..

As You Lay Down, with a white cloth over your Face,
I weeped and weeped knowing it was the end of your race..
Why did Death come to you? How could you leave me alone?
How do i get through life without you? I’m just going to moan!
How do i Fight away Shaytaan without you by my side?
I was shattered in pieces when they affirmed you had died.
You were still so young,we had so much to live for,
I can’t go through lifes challenges without you not anymore..
I know you watching over me from high above,
But i can’t go on how do i move on without your love?
I’ll never forget the wonderful things you taught me,
This really isn’t the way its supposed to be.
I know that we all have to go some day,
But i can’t live with you away.
Your Beautiful memories will always live in my Heart,
From me you will never ever part.
Now that you in heaven and out of sight,
I doubt anything will ever be alright..

subhanallah May Allah take us all with Iman -A.I.J


The best day of her life ……

The follow up to the big day was one of great joy, the house was full of relatives from abroad as well as locally. Meeting her cousins after a very long time followed by loads of laughter and late nights, the atmosphere was electric, the mention of her beloveds name sent shock waves through her body. Her khalas n fois all commenting on how gorgeous her dress looked and what a show stopper she was going to be, all this meant nothing if her beloved didn’t think so, she thought to herself.

The night before the wedding was a very memorable one, Fatima Khala trying out her singing skills whilst the others burst into a fit of laughter. Uncle Faizel singing the ever famous tunes of “kal ho na ho” I must admit he was quite good, all this got interrupted by her elder brother taking over the mic system and beginning with the most beautiful recitation of the glorious Quran. The rest of the evening followed by other cousins rendering nazams etc.. When all extended families had left, her cousins Aasia and Shamima applied mendhi for her, assuring her they going to make her look her best.

The morning arrived of the biggest day of her life, having not slept for nights on end, the make up artist had the most daunting task of all. The last bits of dressing her up were completed. She was glowing beyond words. Many a young girl standing around saw their wedding day to be similar to hers years later, as it all seemed so perfect.


Time to go the hall arrived, she was taken to the hall in her brothers new BMW X6 M50, all this added to her joy but her cherry on the top was seeing her beloved husband walk through those doors.
Sitting on the bright white high back extra soft cushioned chair didn’t make her sitting one of comfort, a hall full of people with their eyes on you is not so comforting.

Hearing the hooting from outside the hall made her cringe in her seat. All heads turn to the direction of the entrance and there is her man, her man she now calls her husband. With pride she rises from her seat, watches as he makes his way to the stage, he comes close to her shakes her hand followed by a kiss on her forehead, it almost felt as if her world stopped around her, the back ground was all blur his countenance was in HD. ( too much Instagram effects)

Let’s fast forward …………..

3 months later and the dust of love and passion and whatever else starts settling, real life starts to begin. Yes the peak of love between them is still there. She feels his closeness, she feels the companionship, she feels wanted, she feels important.
Life goes on and the unchangeable rules of life start to play out- work, chores etc
His buddies left him alone as he was bonding with his wife. But they can’t live without him.

Friday evening has finally arrived and she was looking forward to spending this time with her beloved hubby, she adorned herself with make up and his favorite fragnance, as we would say ” dressed to kill”
She hears his car pull in the driveway and rushes to welcome him. She dimmed the lights of the dinning room and lite those small mini candles, the table had scattered petals all over in the colour red matching her favorite dupatta.


She welcomed him with a warm hug before she could say more, he blurts out his weekend plans.
” babes the guys are going fishing and they insist I join, infact they coming now to fetch me” he says

Her heart was shattered, but her face didn’t show any sign of displeasure.
” sure love, let me pack your bag” she says.

Brother!!! Do you know what you’ve done ??? More actions like this, will cause your wife to fall out of love completely and totally and be warned!!!! A habit of this action could prove detrimental. Within six months this women, who loved you so dearly, so completely and totally will FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH YOU!!!!

Everytime you gave preference to your friends over her !!! She fell out of love with you!!!
Everytime you brought friends home without notifying her!!! She felt pain in her heart.
Everytime you sat with your S4 or iPhone 5s in your hands for hours smiling at the screen, it broke her heart so badly that mending it will be practically impossible.
Everytime your work seemed more important than her, it distroyed her moral.
Everytime you rejected the plate of food for the simple reason that the salt was short, you created such a fear in her heart for you that due to this fear she will err more In future I regards to food preparation.
Hold back oh brother !!!!!
Keep quiet my beloved brother!!!!
Postpone your boys night out just for her just once, and I promise, she will over look all the million times you’ve hurt her and appreciate your action.

May Allah grant every man the realiZation that spending time with his spouse is of utmost importance and will deliver a healthy married life and healthy progeny going forward.



I’v fallen in love……. Again….. And again

Many of my family relatives probably frowning at the title of this post!!

Our first meal together, as she dishes out probably awe stricken, as she does not know me that well. For me it was just dinner, for her was probably like an Indian idols audition!!

I sat there full of smiles and feeling like a all grown up man of the house waiting for his wife to dish out for me, taking note of her every move as it was a display of love for me, but overwhelming for her. She waited as I tasted the dish, and breathed a sigh of relief as I expressed my appreciation, the fact that she waited for me to eat first before she ate- and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t enjoy the food or eat more she would have also lost her appetite. That’s what made me and still makes me fall I’m love with her over and over again!!!!

Someone once told me, who lost her husband of 25 years, she mentioned, he was a person that left his clothing lying around, one sock her and one sock there. Initially when they just got married, she hated it, hated being his PIKITUP likey wife would say. She constantly complained to her mum about his behavior. But when he left this world, she found herself dropping socks down and scattering his clothing around the house at it reminded her of him. This now brought love to her SUBHANALLAH

Make a good habit your practice in your home so you will never be forgotten.
Coming out of the shower and finding my clothing ready made me fall in love again!!
Coming home from a hectic day and receiving the most warm smile from her made me fall in love again!!!
When I fell sick, it almost felt as if her world was coming to an end, always at my side. I fell asleep, and whilst changing my posture I woke to a certain extent and notice her staring at me, I fell in love again!!!

So for those of you that read the title and thought!! ” how dare you?”
No it was not different women, but only my Queen with multiple beautiful qualities and still so many more qualities I’m still falling in love with after 3 years of marriage-


” oh men!! Take time to fall in love with your beloved quality…. Wait…. take time to notice your wife’s every quality then allow yourself to fall in love with it”

I promise that this will spare you no time to fall in love with anyone else.

Woe!!! Be to the men that go out looking for “love” at the expense of the beautiful family he hasn’t totally fallen in love.

Keep your heart clean, over look her every fault BIG OR SMALL and Allah will pardon you a great deal on that day that many a heart will be restless..



How did you meet your beloved spouse? (My story Ali & Zainub pt2)

My magag was finished thinking that, Shew!!! Iv been swept off my feet.
The istikharah salaah began in full swing and asking all my closest kin to make dua as spiritually I really needed this person in my life, she was the light of takwa that would guide in my quest to get to jannah. I actually thought I really don’t stand a chance, it was a comparison between a BMW and me being the VW BEETLE 😀

I put Allah infront of me and made dua like never before, a week later I told Mom to extent a proposal, she was overjoyed.
I remember telling her to relax as the road is still long.
My month there after was the longest month of my life, every phone that rang sent a shiver down my spine, as each day passed, I thought today they will call.
Time dragged on and began to get that uneasy feeling within me, something told me the farm girl is going to boot me over the hill and far away.

A month later…….
Sitting in Moms room whilst Abba was reading Quran, asking her to try and fish out some how. Low and behold the phone rings, my stomach begins to turn. Mum signals ” it’s them”
Mums smile went from broad to small, with tears welling up in her eyes. Because I was seated before her she tried to conceal it. I felt my heart sink. I got off Moms bed went to my room, spread my Musallah offered two rakaats salaah, and just cried and cried knowing fully well my istikharah was of a positive nature. I decided to not give up and hand matters over to Allah.

The next morning I was greeted by a very teary mother that said.
“Bachu it’s taqdeer Allah knows best, maybe we can go see other girls when you ready”
I said ” no give it some time and propose again”
” you mad how can we do that,” mom said
” fine, I will prolapse to Uncle Haroon ( zainubs dad) myself” I said whilst hugging her and making my way out of the house for work.
In the mean time, my sisters father in law had performed hajj once upon a time with Zainubs dad, and as you know hajji Bhais become best of friends always, he extented a call to them and told them a lot of sugar coated things about me and my family. They then called back saying Zainub wants to talk to Ali again but we will come to your home.
I felt like jumping on the bed and celebrating but then I realized I was too tall for that now.
The weekend arrived, by this time three months had lapsed since I went to see her, I had forgotten what she looked like, a little happy that I would see her again.
Anyway after the meet and greet, mom showed her the room, and later asked me to go there as Zainub was waiting, I remember coming to the door of the room and my eyes fell on these ultra flat puma pumps, aah once again my false notion smoked!!! No ultra high heels thank god. I enter and after exchanging salaam I notice she has her purdah on, before I could say anything she says,
” sorry I’m in ICU”
I laugh it off, all that has to be said and asked is done and soon they leave.

From the time I went to see Zainub till the day she gave me my answer 1 complete year had lapsed subhallah!!!!!
On the 21st of March 2010 we wedded through the fadhl and karam of Allah.

Everyone says ” yeah it’s all lovey dovey till the wedding day then no one says what happens”
Well we married three years now and Allah has blessed us with the most adorable children namely Rahmah and Yahya.

To all those seeking spouses out there if your heart is set on a certain person and you’ve taken guidance from Allah, then don’t give up, sometimes Allah accepts your dua at a time he feels is right, doesn’t mean your duas are not accepted.

May Allah strengthen every marriage bond, and grant those seeking partners the best for them, Ameen Ya rabbal aalameen…

” please forward your story even if it was one that wasn’t arranged but you arranged yourself and your arrangement took six or seven years lol, we are not here to judge you but to learn and enjoy every beautiful story” ALI ISMAIL JOGIE



How did you meet your beloved spouse? (My story Ali & Zainub)

Mum has been on my case since last week about the list she has put together of prospective girls for me,

” Ali !!!!! Come have a look at this list please ”
” ok Ummi!!! Tomorrow”
” Ali you’ve been saying that since last week”
” ok let’s have a look” I say
Aneesa, Amina, some other names I can hardly remember but there about 12 names.

” nah Ummi not now, what about that girl Zakera told you about ? The girl from that small plaas town (Breyten Mpumalanga)? ” I blurt out
” her name is Zainub” mom says
” yeah let’s go see her” I say this with knowing full well I was just going to enjoy the Samoosas and tea, and doing the whole formality thing just to make Mom happy that I am considering marriage.

The date to go is set and Mom is beyond herself with joy as her ‘baby’ is going to get married soon. My little brain maintained this notion that these farm plaas girls suffered a serious inferior complex due to not dwelling in the city, ” please don’t shoot me, iv changed that notion” 🙂 I was going to walk into a room were there is this girl smiling from ear to ear and looking as if she had a bath in all the make ups and foundations of the world and was going to pull out a small note pad asking my autograph just because I was a Jozi boy. Lol I know what you thinking ” damnn you so full of yourself”

Ok let’s roll up the red carpet I was walking on in my mind and get back to reality.
Being an ardent reader of the Muslim Women Muslim Magazine, I knew pretty well that en- route to Breyten we would pass the towns of Bethal and Kriel, back then there was no highway. So I told the folks, I’m not having breakfast we shall have a nice burger at SANHA approved Steers in bethal. On arriving there at 9am but they refused to sell us anything as the store was only opening at 10, I was highly upset as used to getting things instantly in Jozi- you can get a burger at 1am or 5pm didn’t matter, if you wanted one you got it. Told Mom
” see how slow they are in this part of our glorious country”

” shut up ” Ali
After I long tiring journey we arrive at this small town namely Breyten, reminded me of town out of those Jan Van Riebeek history books we did in school, with the old locomotive train at the entrance-
I remember telling dad that this is the last town on the map if you jump off at the end you’ll probably land in Austrailia.



We received at the door by an elderly man with the brightest smile, and led to the lounge, many other people in the lounge as well and my mini brain, it’s once again confirming its theory,

” ah hah small town, so the whole gham invited to the house just to see the boy who doesn’t even know if he is going to marry the girl, classy real classy” my mind screaming on its PA system

The adults enjoy their conversations about the good old days. I’m just interested in the Samoosas if there were any.
After a short period of time. Zainubs dad asks me ” are you ready for your interrogation? Or whatever you want to call it”
I follow him into the dinning hall, signals me to sit on the chair in the corner, which seems as though it was there for me.
I sit there making sure my jersey is neat and mocosins are still shinning.


After a short while Zainub walks in, too shy to look up immediately, I stand up make salaam whilst looking down and sit in my interrogation chair the conversation is basic, I ask all that I had to, stealing short glimpses of her whilst she wasn’t looking. My brain is at it again.
” ok no layers of make up, no eye shadow enough to cover the sun, no over dressing” stunned I was and slightly disappointed that my silly theory was proven wrong.

The time passed so fast that one hour had passed. As we head on our journey back, I was so taken aback that I uttered nothing,
” what you think Ali ?” Mom constantly asked.
I said nothing.
Just thinking that, this servant of Allah beams takwa speech audible , not loud and making presence known, spoken when spoken to, but asked what she had to, I shall not go into the physical beauty as she adheres to the strict laws of purdah, and obviously I’ll go hungry if I do lol.

My mind racing, thinking about my future. About life with her.
” Ali hold your horses, you have to take guidance from Allah first” I say to myself
Not noticing Mom watching me smile as I’m lost in thought.
I over hear her telling dad.
” this chap is gone”
I know what you picturing now?? This guy that went to see a girl in some gham in India and sitting at the window seat on the 3rd class train smiling out of the window whilst building castles in mid air, typical Hindi movie style??? Isn’t? Isn’t?

Yeah something like that, just here I was in a Caravelle sitting at the window seat with aircon listen to the tunes of Ahmed bukhatir an not kabhi kabhi and minus the awful smell of the Indian air. lol

To be continued tomorrow WASALAAM