How did you meet your beloved spouse? (My story Ali & Zainub pt2)

My magag was finished thinking that, Shew!!! Iv been swept off my feet.
The istikharah salaah began in full swing and asking all my closest kin to make dua as spiritually I really needed this person in my life, she was the light of takwa that would guide in my quest to get to jannah. I actually thought I really don’t stand a chance, it was a comparison between a BMW and me being the VW BEETLE 😀

I put Allah infront of me and made dua like never before, a week later I told Mom to extent a proposal, she was overjoyed.
I remember telling her to relax as the road is still long.
My month there after was the longest month of my life, every phone that rang sent a shiver down my spine, as each day passed, I thought today they will call.
Time dragged on and began to get that uneasy feeling within me, something told me the farm girl is going to boot me over the hill and far away.

A month later…….
Sitting in Moms room whilst Abba was reading Quran, asking her to try and fish out some how. Low and behold the phone rings, my stomach begins to turn. Mum signals ” it’s them”
Mums smile went from broad to small, with tears welling up in her eyes. Because I was seated before her she tried to conceal it. I felt my heart sink. I got off Moms bed went to my room, spread my Musallah offered two rakaats salaah, and just cried and cried knowing fully well my istikharah was of a positive nature. I decided to not give up and hand matters over to Allah.

The next morning I was greeted by a very teary mother that said.
“Bachu it’s taqdeer Allah knows best, maybe we can go see other girls when you ready”
I said ” no give it some time and propose again”
” you mad how can we do that,” mom said
” fine, I will prolapse to Uncle Haroon ( zainubs dad) myself” I said whilst hugging her and making my way out of the house for work.
In the mean time, my sisters father in law had performed hajj once upon a time with Zainubs dad, and as you know hajji Bhais become best of friends always, he extented a call to them and told them a lot of sugar coated things about me and my family. They then called back saying Zainub wants to talk to Ali again but we will come to your home.
I felt like jumping on the bed and celebrating but then I realized I was too tall for that now.
The weekend arrived, by this time three months had lapsed since I went to see her, I had forgotten what she looked like, a little happy that I would see her again.
Anyway after the meet and greet, mom showed her the room, and later asked me to go there as Zainub was waiting, I remember coming to the door of the room and my eyes fell on these ultra flat puma pumps, aah once again my false notion smoked!!! No ultra high heels thank god. I enter and after exchanging salaam I notice she has her purdah on, before I could say anything she says,
” sorry I’m in ICU”
I laugh it off, all that has to be said and asked is done and soon they leave.

From the time I went to see Zainub till the day she gave me my answer 1 complete year had lapsed subhallah!!!!!
On the 21st of March 2010 we wedded through the fadhl and karam of Allah.

Everyone says ” yeah it’s all lovey dovey till the wedding day then no one says what happens”
Well we married three years now and Allah has blessed us with the most adorable children namely Rahmah and Yahya.

To all those seeking spouses out there if your heart is set on a certain person and you’ve taken guidance from Allah, then don’t give up, sometimes Allah accepts your dua at a time he feels is right, doesn’t mean your duas are not accepted.

May Allah strengthen every marriage bond, and grant those seeking partners the best for them, Ameen Ya rabbal aalameen…

” please forward your story even if it was one that wasn’t arranged but you arranged yourself and your arrangement took six or seven years lol, we are not here to judge you but to learn and enjoy every beautiful story” ALI ISMAIL JOGIE




2 thoughts on “How did you meet your beloved spouse? (My story Ali & Zainub pt2)

  1. Slm. May Allah bless you and your family the love like the love of Nabi SAW and Aisha RA…
    And Aameen may Allah grant pppl like me and others spouses that will be the best…
    May Allah make all spouses such that they will hand In hand take each other into JANNAHTUL FIRDOUS…Aameen.

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