I’v fallen in love……. Again….. And again

Many of my family relatives probably frowning at the title of this post!!

Our first meal together, as she dishes out probably awe stricken, as she does not know me that well. For me it was just dinner, for her was probably like an Indian idols audition!!

I sat there full of smiles and feeling like a all grown up man of the house waiting for his wife to dish out for me, taking note of her every move as it was a display of love for me, but overwhelming for her. She waited as I tasted the dish, and breathed a sigh of relief as I expressed my appreciation, the fact that she waited for me to eat first before she ate- and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t enjoy the food or eat more she would have also lost her appetite. That’s what made me and still makes me fall I’m love with her over and over again!!!!

Someone once told me, who lost her husband of 25 years, she mentioned, he was a person that left his clothing lying around, one sock her and one sock there. Initially when they just got married, she hated it, hated being his PIKITUP likey wife would say. She constantly complained to her mum about his behavior. But when he left this world, she found herself dropping socks down and scattering his clothing around the house at it reminded her of him. This now brought love to her SUBHANALLAH

Make a good habit your practice in your home so you will never be forgotten.
Coming out of the shower and finding my clothing ready made me fall in love again!!
Coming home from a hectic day and receiving the most warm smile from her made me fall in love again!!!
When I fell sick, it almost felt as if her world was coming to an end, always at my side. I fell asleep, and whilst changing my posture I woke to a certain extent and notice her staring at me, I fell in love again!!!

So for those of you that read the title and thought!! ” how dare you?”
No it was not different women, but only my Queen with multiple beautiful qualities and still so many more qualities I’m still falling in love with after 3 years of marriage-


” oh men!! Take time to fall in love with your beloved quality…. Wait…. take time to notice your wife’s every quality then allow yourself to fall in love with it”

I promise that this will spare you no time to fall in love with anyone else.

Woe!!! Be to the men that go out looking for “love” at the expense of the beautiful family he hasn’t totally fallen in love.

Keep your heart clean, over look her every fault BIG OR SMALL and Allah will pardon you a great deal on that day that many a heart will be restless..




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