The best day of her life ……

The follow up to the big day was one of great joy, the house was full of relatives from abroad as well as locally. Meeting her cousins after a very long time followed by loads of laughter and late nights, the atmosphere was electric, the mention of her beloveds name sent shock waves through her body. Her khalas n fois all commenting on how gorgeous her dress looked and what a show stopper she was going to be, all this meant nothing if her beloved didn’t think so, she thought to herself.

The night before the wedding was a very memorable one, Fatima Khala trying out her singing skills whilst the others burst into a fit of laughter. Uncle Faizel singing the ever famous tunes of “kal ho na ho” I must admit he was quite good, all this got interrupted by her elder brother taking over the mic system and beginning with the most beautiful recitation of the glorious Quran. The rest of the evening followed by other cousins rendering nazams etc.. When all extended families had left, her cousins Aasia and Shamima applied mendhi for her, assuring her they going to make her look her best.

The morning arrived of the biggest day of her life, having not slept for nights on end, the make up artist had the most daunting task of all. The last bits of dressing her up were completed. She was glowing beyond words. Many a young girl standing around saw their wedding day to be similar to hers years later, as it all seemed so perfect.


Time to go the hall arrived, she was taken to the hall in her brothers new BMW X6 M50, all this added to her joy but her cherry on the top was seeing her beloved husband walk through those doors.
Sitting on the bright white high back extra soft cushioned chair didn’t make her sitting one of comfort, a hall full of people with their eyes on you is not so comforting.

Hearing the hooting from outside the hall made her cringe in her seat. All heads turn to the direction of the entrance and there is her man, her man she now calls her husband. With pride she rises from her seat, watches as he makes his way to the stage, he comes close to her shakes her hand followed by a kiss on her forehead, it almost felt as if her world stopped around her, the back ground was all blur his countenance was in HD. ( too much Instagram effects)

Let’s fast forward …………..

3 months later and the dust of love and passion and whatever else starts settling, real life starts to begin. Yes the peak of love between them is still there. She feels his closeness, she feels the companionship, she feels wanted, she feels important.
Life goes on and the unchangeable rules of life start to play out- work, chores etc
His buddies left him alone as he was bonding with his wife. But they can’t live without him.

Friday evening has finally arrived and she was looking forward to spending this time with her beloved hubby, she adorned herself with make up and his favorite fragnance, as we would say ” dressed to kill”
She hears his car pull in the driveway and rushes to welcome him. She dimmed the lights of the dinning room and lite those small mini candles, the table had scattered petals all over in the colour red matching her favorite dupatta.


She welcomed him with a warm hug before she could say more, he blurts out his weekend plans.
” babes the guys are going fishing and they insist I join, infact they coming now to fetch me” he says

Her heart was shattered, but her face didn’t show any sign of displeasure.
” sure love, let me pack your bag” she says.

Brother!!! Do you know what you’ve done ??? More actions like this, will cause your wife to fall out of love completely and totally and be warned!!!! A habit of this action could prove detrimental. Within six months this women, who loved you so dearly, so completely and totally will FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH YOU!!!!

Everytime you gave preference to your friends over her !!! She fell out of love with you!!!
Everytime you brought friends home without notifying her!!! She felt pain in her heart.
Everytime you sat with your S4 or iPhone 5s in your hands for hours smiling at the screen, it broke her heart so badly that mending it will be practically impossible.
Everytime your work seemed more important than her, it distroyed her moral.
Everytime you rejected the plate of food for the simple reason that the salt was short, you created such a fear in her heart for you that due to this fear she will err more In future I regards to food preparation.
Hold back oh brother !!!!!
Keep quiet my beloved brother!!!!
Postpone your boys night out just for her just once, and I promise, she will over look all the million times you’ve hurt her and appreciate your action.

May Allah grant every man the realiZation that spending time with his spouse is of utmost importance and will deliver a healthy married life and healthy progeny going forward.




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