Dear Future Husband!!! ( by veiled sister Northwest Province South Africa)

after reading this, I thought to myself, I hear many a guy say ” all girls are materialistic , demanding, etc ” well brothers you obviously looking in the wrong place, many fish in the sea, your tackle probably hitting the sea bed everytime” AJ


Dear Future Husband..

Ask any Girl.. From her tender years.. All she ever dreams about.. Is ‘that’ day. The day she wears the perfect white dress, with just the perfect shade of eye shadow, and the glossy red lips noticed by a sweet shy smile making its way from the corner of her lips.. ‘Wow,doesn’t she look lovely!’ ‘Ah her dress is just beautiful, probably imported from dubai I’m sure?’ ‘Look at the noor on her face!’ ‘Or perhaps its just Aunty Fatima’s whitening cream! You know how dark she used to be, and so much acne ne handu,I’m telling you Gori Khala, Its all that Fair Lady Creams,not noor!’, One typical old gujji lady will snap!

These Are the comments she’ll hear being whispered as she walks down the aisle with zawjati playing softly in the distant..
There he is.. The man of her dreams.. Waiting just for her. His finally hers.. Little girls are chanting ‘nikaahun mubaarakun’ while teenagers are filling their instagram of her picture perfect wedding!..

I however, am not your ‘average’ girl. Ever since a young girl, i dreamt of my perfect husband, rather than the perfect wedding. As i grew up, I Learnt I was right all along, its not all disney movies and long flowy dresses, its the marriage you work on..
So Dear Future Husband..
While my entire youth i kept chaste just for you, no idea of who you are and where you might be from, I long for you more and more each day..

I promise to bear all your children, and bring them up in the best possible way, i will dress up for your eyes only, and serve you the best home cooked meals.. I will be by your side day and night, nursing you when you have even the slightest sign of a cold.. I will Hold your hand and never let go, i will read my Dhor For our beautiful Kids as i put them off to sleep.. All i ask, is that My Dear Husband, You appreciate me for who i am, and look beyond my body. I am not a girl out of the magazine, i don’t have the flattest belly nor do i have the perfect hair.. I won’t demand anything from you, i don’t have any wild expectation of who i want you to be either.. We’ll live our life on Sunnah and that will be the greatest love Story of All..

Dear Future Husband, Wake me up in the Early parts of the Morning so that i can Glorify my Rabb the exalted for sending you to me..

I don’t ask for a big home, or a fancy car..
I ask for simply a big heart and a Life of Qur’aan.

Dear Future Husband, Go out in the Path of Allah upholding this Deen and living up to our purpose, i will make sabr on our seperation, and Secure our Place in Jannah..

Dear Future Husband, I’ll love you forever..
I want to wake up to your beautiful recitation of Qur’aan, and go to sleep Gazing at you in salaah..

Oh and by the way.. Dear Future Hubby, You may want to speed the process up, you know my Heart is longing to meet you now,and my Rib is abit sore, it needs its other half side to support it 😉

PS: With all my love and duas.. Sealed with a tinge of Hope,
Your crazy Future wife!

And he prayed for her, and she prayed for him, Every Day, without knowing who the other were.. And perhaps.. That.. Is the sweetest tale of all!

So dear girls, forget about the royal wedding,and dream about how you can have the perfect marriage instead!


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