DEATH ( a poem by our veiled sister from Northwest Province South Africa)


The Topic itself sends shivers down our spines. We often hate to hear about it, let alone speak regarding it! Death.. Undoubtedly the only certain thing, yet the only distant thing in our mind. Until..suddenly.. Out of nowhere.. While Busy making a Hits! Death strikes! And reality sinks in..

As You Lay Down, with a white cloth over your Face,
I weeped and weeped knowing it was the end of your race..
Why did Death come to you? How could you leave me alone?
How do i get through life without you? I’m just going to moan!
How do i Fight away Shaytaan without you by my side?
I was shattered in pieces when they affirmed you had died.
You were still so young,we had so much to live for,
I can’t go through lifes challenges without you not anymore..
I know you watching over me from high above,
But i can’t go on how do i move on without your love?
I’ll never forget the wonderful things you taught me,
This really isn’t the way its supposed to be.
I know that we all have to go some day,
But i can’t live with you away.
Your Beautiful memories will always live in my Heart,
From me you will never ever part.
Now that you in heaven and out of sight,
I doubt anything will ever be alright..

subhanallah May Allah take us all with Iman -A.I.J



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