You don’t deserve to set foot on the pure lands of South Africa, this land is now free from apartheid mongers. You show up in all your pomp and glory, acting as if you care, your words are full of praise for our legendary father Madiba, but your actions are free of everything that Madiba stood for.

You shed a few tears and couple it with multiple prayers whilst you know nothing of what that man has been through. Take lessons from his life and pull your troops out from the countries you so indulged in. Destroy all your drones. Bring about a proper revolution, and then see with what eyes the world looks at you with?

But wait!!! You can’t do your own thing, because you controlled just as the drones you send to distroy innocent lives, how do you sleep at night?
What answer will you give god?
With what face to you look at your kids?
How will you compensate for the millions of lives you and your cronies have taken?

You blamed Osama for all the mayhem?
Yet your name is so close to his!!!
If he was one Osama, you are like a million Osamas with all and of the evils you blamed him of.

Do what you have to do, talk all the lies you want at the memorial, she’d your fake tears and then “voetsek”



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