It’s also your platform

Assalamu Alaikum

Respected readers and dearest followers.

With all the hype around the passing of the greatest man of this country Mr Nelson Mandela, and the festive season I haven’t really got any time to post much, at this point, I’d like to say that this platform is also yours, please feel free to forward any writtings that you have penned over the past years or in recent times, many have felt it’s not worthy but only untill it’s out there did they realise how beneficial it was, I am a bad speller, my grammer needs ICU, my punctuation is currently in high care, but alhamdulillah iv only received positive feedback from people around the globe. We don’t write for stats or pats on the back but rather just to reach out to another being and make them feel good through the medium of this platform and using material of our beautiful religion, AL ISLAM. So please, I’d love to read it and share it. Please forward your posts to

Please keep it to beneficial, deeni or helpful write ups. Writtings with no worldly or hereafter benefits will not be entertained.

I thank you – shukran jazeelan




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