When I walked the dark road of grief….

As he placed his head on the soft pillow, whilst gazing at the semi plastered wall, the tears streamed down from his eyes, he was only 10, he could not understand why??

The deep pain within in heart,
No matter how hard he tried he could not part,
He held on strong for so long,
Untill he broke, too many it seemed like a joke….

He was 10, seeking love from every elder her knew, waiting anxiously for them to lovingly place their hands over his head.
Some marveled at his ever smiling nature, others called him stingy and a liar.

He showed respect to every elder he knew , but those that recognized it was but a few.

He hid a thousand sorrows behind the innocent smile,
Those that knew him could see him from a mile.

He’s childhood was one of tribulation,
But made him a man full of ambition.

He’s dreams was many and very religious,
But trampled by those who were envious,

He grew up strong and handsome,
But lacked true love that was wholesome,

He ventured into fields very foreign to his dreams,
But soon realized his potential through reams,

He wrote his sorrows but ran out of paper,
Then realized, was best to turn to his maker,

Life went on and so did the norm,
He wedded but turned out to be a profit less pawn,

God paired him again,
And this time he had lot to gain,

Times passes and so did the challengers of life,
He kept strong because beside him was his wife,

However the pain within his heart, did not depart,
Due to the fact that he still has dreams to impart, ( to his children)

Let hope life turns around,
Before he is returned to the ground,




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