What are they for??????

What do some people blog about?????

It’s a free platform, how do you utilize it?????

Do you blog to make others laugh????
Do you blog to criticize????
Do you blog to show off????
Do you just love sharing your day to day love with the world???

Is your blog beneficial????
Can you perhaps attain jannah, through your blog????
Can you change hearts through your blog???
Can your blog be the means of many turning back to Allah ?????


This is such a platform that you can use for da’wah and tableegh. Rather than writting futile stories about a realistic Indian girls life in a great big city or a boys quest to find a suitable spouse, which is pure entertainment.

Write an Islamic story based on today’s life’s and times with a good moral behind it- in order to connect to the youth. Just as your BMW or merc will take you to jannah because you used it to go for salaah, or other noble works. Just as you used your Rolex watch to determine the time of salaah it could get you to jannah. Similarly the blog can book you a place in jannah if utilized properly, it could be a sadaqah e jaariya for you if you pass away, as people with continue to read your blog as it will be readily available on the worldwide web. It’s just a matter of thinking and using things correctly.

May Allah guide us all into utilizing our gadgets for purposes of deen rather than entertainment and pass time.

Ameen ya rabal aalameen





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