I fell in love with every single one of them….

23rd April 2003 at precisely 4:20am I began reciting my last Sabaq to my Ustaadh, yes I was about to be completing HIFZUL QURAN. It was a very emotional time for me, the thought that I was holding the complete book of Allah in my bosom reduced me to tears. I gained control of myself and completed my last Sabaq. My ustaad smiled at me, and made an announcement that, ” from today you will all address him as Hafiz Ali”
I at once remembered the saying that ” respect and honour only comes from Allah , and disgrace also comes from Allah”

I found myself turning to diffrent places in the holy Quran and testing myself to see if I really memorized the glorious book, and 10 years later I still cannot comprehend the fact that Allah chose me to hold his kalaam.

Parting advice from my Ustaadh Hafizahullah: ” Ali, you have a duty to the Quran, make intention that one day you will teach what was taught to you”
That was the day I made my intention.
Life went on, I passed out of the institute in 2006 after completing some part of the Aalim course, I started working for a construction company, got hight engrossed in the pursuits of this earthly abode. But the promise I made to myself in 2003 still was as the forefront of my mind. Life went on, I then changed jobs, now working as a manager at a filling station, which was a lot more time consuming. I often told my friends ” guys I can’t wait to teach Al-Quran”
I envied the tutors of the kalaam of Allah, I constantly made dua to Allah to let me realise this dream.
Years had passed and marriage was at the fore. 21st March 2010 I wedded, through the fadhl n karam of Allah.
My dream still seemed far fetched. The fear of not fulfilling this promise gripped my heart as the days passed.

Allahs plan was great, in 2013 my wife, my 1.8 month old daughter and I relocated to a small town in Mpumalanga- Allah had finally answered my dua. On Feb 2013 MADRASAH MIFTAHUL KHAIR was established in the lounge area of my home. Started with two students Hafiz Mohammed and Hafiz Sulaiman.
Finally my heart was at ease.
I often found myself tearing when these innocent souls recited Allahs Kalaam infront of me.

Due some unforeseen circumstances the madrasah was temporarily closed, but through Allahs grace and mercy this institute has once again re-opened .
Allah had a better plan, this time Allah allowed a generous elderly man who gave us his premises free of charge to start the madrasah which is concentrating mainly on HIFZUL QURAAN and Tajweed.

On the 15th of January 2014 at 2:30pm sitting at my desk with eyes on the front door eagerly waiting………..
2:49pm ………..
2:55pm in walks Hafiz Hudhaifa
Hafiz Mohammed, Hafiz Dayyaan, Hafiz Yaaseen, Hafiz Ismail, Hafiz Shahzaad, Hafiz Abdullah and Hafiz Adam I quickly try to hide my emotions, as my heart was filled with a joy that cannot be explained.


I ask every reader to make dua that Allah takes the institute from strength to strength and let these youngsters be the flag bearers of Islam and walking quraans. Ameen

” our doors are open to any seeker willing to learn the Quran, old and young”



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