Do you ‘lust’ her or “love” her??

Remember the way you think will show in your actions, what your heart desires will show through your speech.

The following is often heard from youngsters these days:
” she must be slim and trim”
“Hot and vibrant”
“Smart and sexy”
I ask ” are you talking about a wife or a samsung s4?”

Did you look at yourself in the mirror?

And the girls…….
” he must have green eyes and a BMW m3, and clean shaven”
And the best, after all the above qualities they say ” and he must be hafiz and read like Shatri” 😀

Let us first realise we are Muslims and have submitted our will to Allah and are bound by Allahs every law, our preferences in every aspect of our life has to be in accordance with deene Islam.

For the girls, rather look for a man that when you look at him he reminds you of your nabi AS, he’s dressing his beard his garb all projects the sunnah dress code of our beloved habeeb SAW, when he speaks you are reminded of the men of Allah, his actions are nothing but a shadow of the beautiful character of nabi SAW.

Same goes for the brothera base your preference for a wife on her level of taqwa and her sublime character (husne khulq) and Allah will bestow you with all the other physical qualities insha Allah. When you look at her your iman grows, her personality magnifies the personality of the AZWAJUL MUTAHARAAT, (honourable wives of nabi SAW)

Ladies: nothing wrong in having physical preferences in a husband but channel your preference in accordance with deen, he should have ZULFA, he should be Hafizul Quran, he should wear Al Aseel thoube,😀 have a sunnah beard, smell like nothing less than oud or nowadays should I say montale lol
Nothing wrong with these preferences, better than having total western preferences.



Let’s make these changes in your outlook on the marriage front, and see how Allah puts barakah.

Recite DUROOD on Nabi SAW as it is Thursday night!!

Untill next time………. والسلام



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